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What has Hypnosis done for you?

Joseph Clough

I recieved this wonderful email today and I thought it would be nice to share with you and to show you how powerful hypnosis is when it comes to making changes. Also there is a really really really important insight from me when it comes to empowerment!

Here it is (I have deleted some info such as names and locations etc for privacy reasons) 

"Hello Joseph,

I am always telling my family and friends how amazing your hypnosis CDs are, but I also want YOU to know how much they have helped us.

Back in June, my 28 year old son was desperately ill with bulimia/anorexia. He's over 6' tall, but his weight was under 9st and he could encircle his upper arm with his thumb and middle finger. He had no energy and even the five minute walk to our local Co op shop was too much for him. He could only watch as his 8 year old son played football and most days, he'd just lay in bed, watching TV and listening to songs on his iPod. He'd had many mental health issues from the age of 13, including eating disorders, self-harm and alcoholism, but after stopping drinking two years earlier, and self-harming before that, the bulimia took over and became more destructive than ever before.

I was desperate to help him, but really didn't know what to do, or how to do it. He was being treated by a psychiatrist, his GP and the community mental health nurse and was on anti-depressants, but none of them seemed to help him. As he got weaker and weaker, I really feared that he was going to die and it broke my heart, knowing what a wonderful, talented young man he was beneath this awful illness. In __(month) __( year) , his oldest brother ____ (name) died from _____(reason)  and I hated to think that I might lose another child. In spite of having a positive outlook, and truly believing that no matter what happened, we would always be looked after, I found myself praying for this please, please, to stop, as I couldn't stand much more of the constant fear and worry.

Then I had a dream, in which someone told me that ____(name) was going to be all right. The message was short, but very powerful and I knew that I had to tell ____(name) what I had 'heard'. He didn't reject what I said and in spite of being sceptical about anything 'spiritual', he seemed to be comforted by the idea. For the first time, he told me of his fears and said that he didn't want to die, he wanted to live and get well.

Later that day, I decided to search the Internet for something that might help him and even joined a self-help site for parents of children with eating disorders, but I knew this wasn't really the answer. And then a voice in my head told me to look up self-hypnosis, as a treatment for bulimia and my search led me straight to your site. I found your bulimia download and after asking ____(name) if he was interested (he was), ordered it straight away.

All I can say is that what happened next was amazing and nothing short of a miracle, because from the first time William listened to it on his iPod, he stopped making himself sick and stopped binge eating. None of us could believe it would last at first, but he listened to to download every day for 28 days and he never once looked back. Nine months on, he's a normal, healthy weight, goes for long walks every day (we live in the ____ (location/area), so there are many beautiful walks within easy reach) and reads and writes in his spare time (he always had a love of books as a child, but couldn't read at all in his alcoholic and bulimic days). What's more, he can play football with his son and even manages to keep up with him most of the time :-).

So much for _____(name), because a month or so after we purchased the bulimia download, I decided to buy the sugar addiction one for me. I've always had a sweet tooth, but it had turned into a dependency and I was gaining weight which at my age was difficult to get rid of. I hate diets and hate exercise even more :-), but realised that if I gave up eating sweet, sugary things, I would save around 500 calories a day.

Once again, what happened next was amazing, because after listening to your CD a couple of times, I was no longer interested in sugary things. I no longer craved chocolate, or cake, or ice cream, or sweets and within a few weeks, had lost quite a few pounds. I've now lost a couple of stone, dropped two dress sizes and two bra sizes and feel wonderful. I can eat something sweet if someone offers it, but it doesn't taste special any more and I'd rather not bother at all. I really, really can't believe how easy it was, as from the age of 16, not a day has gone by without me having something sweet to eat, as either a snack or for comfort.

So thank you, thank you Joseph, for giving ____(name) his life back and me my figure back. You are a truly inspirational, generous and talented person - a bringer of love and light.

___(name) x

End of email

So great feedback right? Its impossible to explain how it makes me feel having been a part of the process of transformation. I always reply saying how pleased I am and also THE REALLY IMPORTANT PART that they made the change, they took action on finding the help, they listened to the Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy CD/MP3 download, they carried out the change. They are there very own heros who instigated change and thats the key to change, empowering ones self, and taking those learnings into the future!

Be awesome my friends, lets step outside the darkeness by turning on the ever eternal internal light within!

With love