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PLUS you will receive weekly FREE videos & audios to transform your life! 

PLUS 200+ hours of FREE video and audio just by signing up!




My name is Joseph.

I have recorded in video and audio over 200 hours of hypnosis and coaching - I want you to have access to some special Hypnosis session and coaching videos for FREE.

PLUS I will send you my $199 Autopilot Transformation Mastery video for just signing up!

I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars each year in recording, editing and hosting the content. At present it is being downloaded 250,000 times every month (that's 3 million times a year)

Why have I recorded it for free?

Well, I have been on a mission to help as many people in the world as I can. Too many people charge the world for therapy and quite frankly most cannot afford it.

Plus I have been there myself:

  • For 18 years of my life I suffered anxiety and fear most days.

  • I would blush and be self conscious.

  • I believed I was not good enough in most situations.

  • I was a college dropout.

  • I've been 14lbs overweight. 

    BUT I changed all of that!

  • Today, I speak in front of 100's of people.

  • I know I am worthy and good enough.

  • I lost 14lbs and ran 30 miles in 7hrs when 2 months earlier I couldn't run 500 meters.

  • I am confident and blush free.

  • I run a successful business.

  • More importantly, I love life. 

    And if I can do all that, then YOU can achieve what you want.  

So I am here to serve YOU and your family and friends - no one is excluded

So download it, and share it, lets help millions more. We all need help and now is the time for you to get the help and support you desire.  

PLUS you will receive weekly FREE videos & audios to transform your life! 

Free Self Help Support For All Globally..My Mission.

I am on a mission, and that mission is simple yet crazy in size. That mission is to help YOU and everyone who needs self development and emotional support who cannot afford therapy or coaching. 

It started little over 2 years ago, without knowing how to do it, I did anything and everything. 

In the first year of recording free help and answering you calls for help I was getting a big 5,000 downloads per month from people who needed help. 

Today the story is different, things went bigger than I ever expected and it is still growing:

  • I have recorded over 200 hours of free video and audio.

  • 200 free videos (121,000 minutes equalling a total of 84 days of video being watched per month)

  • 170 free audios (200,000 downloads equalling every minute there are 5 downloads/270 per hour, every hour).

  • 3 Terabytes of data a month (3,145,728 megabytes) is being downloaded on my server (I'm my servers biggest customer and it is from my free work)

  • My work is being watched or listened to over 250,000 times per month

  • Thousands of emails per year that myself and my PA answer directing to free work the majority of time.

  • Investing tens thousands of dollars per year of my own money in keeping it running including hiring a personal assistant to help with the work hours.

I am happy to continue investing the thousands of dollars/pounds per year, I am at peace with that as it is worth it and I live way below my means (material 'things' are not my passion, you are).

As the downloads and Terabytes increase, I estimate that my work will be hitting 4,000,000 people next year completely for free. If you would like to contribute and partner in my mission in giving the world the free self help it deserves it is always very welcome. 

If not, there is no problems, I am here for you and always will be, so feel GREAT about downloading it as you are worth the change and I praise you to use it as much as you can and if anything share it, let the revolution grow. 

Your friend, with love,