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Its time for me to stop

Joseph Clough

Right now I am personally going through some big changes and transitions. My career to date has been a decade, I started at 18 and am now 28 years old.

The last 5 years, I started my aim to get my message out to the world for as cheap as possible and also for free online.

The last 2 years have been intense for me as I strived to do more free work, like the 8 hour Complete Confidence program, the free Hypnosis iPhone and Android App, and generating and giving away over 70 hours of free hypnosis and coaching audio on my podcast. All of this free work has reaching over 500,000 in those two years which has been amazing and I am honored.

Inevitably producing and having my work being listened to has dramatically made me busier than ever connecting on Facebook/Twitter and the many emails I get with feedback and also with questions and advice to reply with.

On this journey of my mission to create changes in others and to show them how amazing they are, I have lost sight in who I am at times. Detaching my commitment to making changes in the world from my own personal needs (from health/relationships/spiritual/self connection) was non-existent. My commitment to making changes ruled my mind and my behaviors.

In a way I have not been living how and what I teach.

I love the metaphor on how you should be Number One in your life, ‘when on a plane in an event of an emergency and if you were with children you should put on your own oxygen mask before your own children, as you can only help them when you are well’. I feel I have been on mission of trying to put everyone’s oxygen mask on before my own. In recent weeks it’s meant doing 12-14 hour workdays for 14 plus days at time and when I am free, my attention is still on thinking of ways to help others and give more, but my quality of attention has been jaded by quantity rather quality.

So the tides are turning, and I have pretty much made the decision now to step back and focus on me. If all goes to plan I will be going on a holiday/vacation. I’m not sure for how long, maybe 3 weeks, maybe 3 months, maybe more. Not to ‘find myself’ as I know where I am, I’m here, but to connect with myself and my own needs to live life.

It’s a brave decision and one I have been deliberating for 12 months, but ‘work’ got in the way. A close friend of mind has been telling me and telling me to go and be ‘Joe’ for a while. She knows the truth and importance of just ‘being’ for a while.

How much value can you give to others, when you do not give value to your own life? Life is not about existing or running the treadmill. It’s all about this moment and what brings you to life rather than what life brings to you.

Are you/am I putting our attention on our own needs?

Are you/am I prepared to forsake our own happiness and peace for never ending ‘stuff’.

‘Stuff’ will always be there; I can assure you of that…. its life…. it happens. There is always something to do, something or someone who needs our attention.

But if our own attention is not on our own happiness, can we really help others effectively? I do not think we can.

In every way, knowing I am helping a thousand people in some way every day statistically gives me a great sense of honor that I can ever experience, when I stop and think about it, it blows my mind. BUT I do not give myself time to stop often or at all recently.

But I am also aware that if you or I do not honor ourselves then we cannot truly honor others in quality.

Questions for you to get clear:

  • Are you doing what you want in life?
  • If not for what reason are you not doing it?

Now take that ‘reason’ and realize it will no doubt be an ‘excuse’ more often than not. You are not here simply and just for other peoples expectations or because a situation dictates it.

The ‘well I do not have the money’, ‘I do not have the time’, ‘I do not have the experience’, ‘’x’ expects me to do ______”. These are not reasons, these are maybe obstacles but they are not set in stone until you allow them to be.

  • Are you willing to sacrifice your own happiness, (even health) for your reasons? (Its your choice after all)
  • If not now, when? Make a decision, stick with it, and do it with committed, inspired action.

Remember, we have to make decisions to do, be, have what we wish. Their will always be lots of examples around the world similar to your situation which will tell you why you cannot do it. BUT there will always be at least one example where someone has, and if someone has, then it makes it possible.

As for me, will I stop doing what I do? Will I stop producing free content? Stop the interaction with you?

No, No, and No. I will always give freely, but I now plan to do it with a healthy spirit and mind, as when I do, I will be inspired and ‘want’ to do it because it feels right, rather a ‘need’ to do it.

Are you ready to leave expand your comfort (familiar zone)?

Join me, and step up and start living, so when you give, it will be because it comes from a heart centered energy which causes you to transform others around you.

With love,