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I want you to know

Joseph Clough

I recieved a touching email today from a young person, its not uncommon for me to recieve them. As adults, as teenagers, as children we have stuff to deal with. This person reached out for help, a big thing and said they shared more on the email than to anyone else. And the last sentence they wrote got to me:

"I'm sorry if I wasted your time"

I reply to everyone of my emails, I do not have a team, I do everything and its our duty to help someone as quickly as possible and I think my response might be fitting for you, or for someone in hard place, feeling lost or alone and just needing help. I cannot promise people I have the answers, but what I can do, is give them my 28 years life experience, I've been in those dark places and I want you to know we can live in freedom, we can live life fully.

Here is my might just help you (I have removed some content of the email for privacy reasons):



Joseph here. Thank you for your email.

Firstly.... you will never waste mine or someone elses time. You are more valuable than any time in the world.

I really appreciate you opening up, its a brave thing to do, let alone sending an email and sharing your thoughts with someone. I want you to know that you can change and you can be happy.

Never give up, I promise you that you have so much to give, experience in a way that when you look back having made that change will cause you to know that this is a learning process that will make you far stronger than you can imagine.

I once felt lost, and no where to to go or turn. I was in a dark place. But in that dark place I had to dig deep and search for something that would give me the sense of happiness like you will do. It might not be easy, it might not be a smooth ride at first, but each day we get stronger, and begin to thrive in the challenges life will throw at you.

I want you to know that deep within you is something so powerful that when you begin to focus on that inner strength it will give you the freedom to live life fully.

Your first step has been completed, simply by stepping up and asking for help, feel good about that, it shows your immense value to the world. Secondly as you have made this decision lets go further, go to and download the MP3s onto your computer and import them on to your phone/ipod/mp3 player, theres 11 lessons with bonus processes and hypnosis sessions totalling over 8 hours. Its all free, its all yours to use. Commit to them, listen to them more than once if you wish, it all helps.

Also please watch this video, I think it might give you something to start of your very own transformation as to how great you are.

Remember, remember, its all within you - you have it all, its now time to access and unleash it.

With love,


Maybe you could comment on this blog post and share your thoughts and value for this person/others...they may just read it...someone else might read it..just when they need it.
With love,