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Finding the meaning of life

Joseph Clough

Last week, I created a podcast about my personal thoughts on the meaning of life.  Ultimately, it was to find a life OF meaning. Sadly, most people do NOT develop meaning (passion/purpose/connection), because they are out of sync unconsciously.  We desperately want wealth, the relationship, the business, confidence and inner peace... But your unconscious mind is screaming 'DANGER'... "What if I am not good enough?" "What if I fail and what will others think?" We compare ourselves to others, we belittle ourselves.

Your UNCONSCIOUS minds limiting beliefs and thoughts CREATE anxiety, worries and all self-sabotage...  Your UNCONSCIOUS mind is sabotaging all your abundance and that creates the inner turmoil we face consciously... 

Even on this post...take this moment...

If you really hold the mirror to your face and ask the deep questions of: "Am I prepared to stay the same?"
"Am I going to finally dig deep and get the support I need?" "Am I ready to invest and quit all my issues in 8 weeks for a life time of profound meaning, success and confidence?"

Some will choose to remain the same, and endure the pain (we cannot help those who choose to keep pain), others will commit to the solution (we solve everything with you with our team). 

If you are the latter, and ready to invest in yourself like you have never before and reap the profound returns of living a life of meaning.... We will get you there...

100% tailored and customized to rewire your unconscious mind.  It will be profound and we have a 10-12 slots of open to discuss if your needs and solution.  Out of those 10-12 slots this week, we have room to invite and accept 2-3 people.

Go to and in as little as 24 hours you could on the 100% unconscious success system on the planet.


Feeling lost? Let me help you get back on track

Joseph Clough

This video is all about getting back on track.  If you feel you are lost or stuck then this video will give you the motivation to get back on track and start moving forward.

So today I want to talk to you about the martial arts of the mind when it comes to getting back the power and control in your life.  You may be experiencing worries, doubts, fears, low self-esteem or if you are experiencing some kind of issue it weighs you down and you just don't know how to get back up again. 

If you are in a situation where you feel like you are struggling right now, you must remember that this is the perfect opportunity for you to make a comeback.  I believe, our shadows and our problems can actually be our greatest instigators in life. 

So no matter where you are in your life, make the one decision today that you are going to assume responsibility for where you are and where you are heading, then when you are ready hit the play button.