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I've been ill recently, but why do we get ill??

Joseph Clough

Hey guys I’ve been a little ill recently, nothing serious, just run down.

So what is illness about?

My view on illness may seem controversial but also more and more except in the last 10 years or so.

Illness in the dictionary goes like this:

a. Poor health resulting from disease of body or mind; sickness. b. A disease.

So it mentions disease, disease it what it says a dis-ease of the mind and body, very much like dis-order.

When we have a lack of ease and order in the body we become ill or sick.

But what does that mean?

Well if we have a lack of alignment, lack of congruency in the mind and body we can break the chain of good health. Having to much stress, stresses the chain of good health too. So it must mean good health is to have ease, order, contentment, fulfilment and alignment in the mind and body.

I said I have felt run down, and I know why, it’s because I’ve been putting a lot of my energy in my business. I love working and helping others, it’s my passion and life. But we must have balance. When we forsake other areas of our life for one or two areas we become conflicted and then things can go wrong.

If you said to me, I want to earn £1,000,000 in the next month; it may mean forsaking your sleep, your eating, family, friends and all other areas of life. This is were we can get the dis-ease of our mind and body.

We must have ecology in our life, which is good for all areas of our life, people, environment and the planet.

So if you become ill, notice all areas of your life.

Are you stressed at work? Are you putting to much energy into one area of your life? For example, health, relationship, career or money. Ultimately do you have balance?

To me, when we have absolutely balance, fulfilment and a stress free life we are whole and healthy. When we are whole we can not be conflicted, and we all strive for wholeness do we not?

It also goes to show, even though I may techniques, mindsets and what some may seem magical processes having utilised my products, we can all still fall into the trap.

So what am I doing about it?

Well rest is definitely on the agenda. Fortunately I have a holiday in two weeks where I can truly rest, eat, read and reconnect with what’s important.

So once again, if you feel ill, just notice what has happened in the last two weeks and then once you are conscious of what has been going on you can then change it.

To me that is the greatest power we have, to be conscious of what is going on in our world and then if we do not like it, we can go inside and change ourselves and our inner world and therefore change the outer world.

Your friend

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!Revision and learning can be a stressful time for anyone

Joseph Clough

Revision and learning can be a stressful time for anyone, especially if you have problems with procrastination and remembering vital information.



Do you feel that its hard to remember and retain information?



Do you wish that you could simply and easily remember all the information you need without worry, anxiety and frustration?



To feel confident that your unconscious mind is fully absorbing all the vital pieces of information you need?



What if there was a way to give you the motivation and ability to recall information at will?
How would it improve your performance when revising and learning?
What wonderful future opportunities may arise through your success?



I believe Hypnosis is that Key!



Hypnosis taps into the unconscious mind and your unconscious mind is the domain of all learning. Your unconscious mind is always the thing that remembers, stores and allows you to continue to learn.


Imagine remembering vital information as easy as walking. After all you don’t conscious think about walking really do you? Nor driving? Eating or breathing? It’s just an unconscious process.


Using hypnosis we can at first let go of any limiting decisions when it comes to learning such as ‘I cant remember things’ ‘I’m not good and learning’ ‘it takes me for ever to learn and remember information’,


We can then tap into the power of the unconscious to retain important information while acquiring all the internal resources you need to revise with ease.
If you were able to successfully learn and revise then you would do, wouldn't you? The fact that you cannot must mean that your unconscious is limiting your learning strategies and instilling negative associations to learning.
My Enhance Learning & Revision hypnosis CD or mp3 download will work directly with your unconscious to reach new levels of accelerated learning and memory recall!



All the stress, worry and anxiety will be replaced with confidence and power – the power to remember

consciously and unconscious beyond you wildest dreams. Try it out.



Your friend



Joseph Clough