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The Unconscious – The Gateway To Excellence

Joseph Clough

The Unconscious – The Gateway To Excellence But first of all, what is the unconscious mind? The way I see it is if you had conscious control of where you are right now, if you had the conscious control of limiting beliefs or limiting thoughts or processes that you may run, or even the behaviours that you’re running which aren’t producing the results you desire, if you had the conscious control over those you would simply change them, wouldn’t you?

But if we don’t have that control, if we don’t have that ability to simply change our behaviour or change our mind and therefore our results, it must mean they’re simply being run at an unconscious level. And thats why Hypnosis CDs and MP3 downloads work by the way.

If we can change our unconscious mind, we’ll be able to change those beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and even the decisions that we’ve made in the past. So it’s so important to be able to re-program how our mind works, and we can do that directly through working with the unconscious mind. And when I said that our mind is the most powerful tool that we actually have and ever will have, I also mean the unconscious part of our mind. Because if we can gain control of the unconscious part of the brain, we will be able to change the results that we’re getting to the ones we want.

So what does your unconscious mind do?

Well it runs processes like the ‘fight and flight’ response, so if you’re being attacked you’ll start to pump all the adrenaline around you to give you a response whether it is fear or adrenaline to take on that situation or to get away from it.

It also maintains our whole body. It runs all the vital organs; it runs the healing of the body. So when you become ill, your unconscious mind assumes that control to work on getting the good health back again.

It maintains all the habits that we’ve generated in the past. Because if you think about it, for those who know how to drive a vehicle or even ride a bike, when you began first learn that behaviour you were probably consciously overwhelmed by the whole situation. You may have been thinking I’ve all my gears, my clutch, my mirrors, the speedometer, all those things which come into play, let alone all the things that are happening outside the vehicle. But guess what? After a while, once you’ve done the behaviour once, twice, fifty times, your body will begin to literally run that behaviour at an unconscious level, and that’s when it becomes second nature to us - unconscious.

And it goes for everything that we do. When you see a young child learning to walk, they’re very conscious of what they’re doing. You watch them and they’re consciously really trying to push themselves up, moving their legs in a way that us adults do. They’re literally modelling and copying us on how we walk. And that’s why they fall down sometimes; they’re just not used to it yet. They are consciously and unconsciously incompetent at the beginning, they don’t have that level control or coordination. But after a while it becomes natural to them, so very quickly they’re able to walk very efficiently and less like out of sync robot.

This will go for every habit that you’ve ever produced. The behaviours become natural to us. But this also goes for the beliefs you hold. If we have the thought that we’re ‘not good enough’ and we keep on thinking that way, and we feel ‘not good enough’ over a period of time, it will become cemented and ingrained into our unconscious mind so that we believe we’re ‘not good enough’, or we’re ‘not worthy’ or we can’t have the relationships and money or health that we deserve. This beliefs can lead to Depression, Lack of Confidence, a lack of relationships, anxiety, that can be let go of through Hypnosis

So through our repetition, habits become solidified inside our neurology and our mindsets are programmed to be able to carry out certain behaviours.

But guess what? If we can flip that around and keep on thinking, perceiving, acting and reacting from a state of potential and excellence, our mind will allow that to become a habit, even if we don’t feel that way at first.

After that repetition it will eventually become cemented as our identity, the core of our being, our potential. Those new ingrained empowering beliefs will then attract all the perfect relationships, the abundance of money, the absolute contentment in our life and will enable us to begin generating perfect health.

So your unconscious mind does try to do the most amazing things for us and it’s always trying to help us. It’s always trying to do the best for us by keeping us safe, maintaining and running all our body, generating these habits so we have to pay less attention to them consciously.

Hopefully this gives you an insight to your unconscious mind, when we understand ourselves we can see how we can change.

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Get rid of procrastination using hypnosis

Joseph Clough

Get rid of procrastination using hypnosis Procrastination is a favorite pastime of some individuals. Like with everything else there are scores of people who face the same, there are many techniques and methods that one can apply to overcome the same as well. It is highly possible to get rid of procrastination using hypnosis; this can be done away for good. Hypnosis is extremely useful in order to get rid of procrastination. The idea is to get a person to think of the end results of completing a task that is at hand and getting rid of thoughts that surround a particular issue. Some people tend to procrastinate excessively even when it comes to doing menial tasks. It is part of human nature to procrastinate in excess it should not be entertained. The lingering doubts need to be dealt with effectively in order for a person to get rid of procrastination altogether. The famous hypnotherapist James Clough is highly successful even when comes to the issue of procrastination. He is able to successfully prove that one can get rid of procrastination using hypnosis.

The excessive dwelling on thoughts before actually executing them is what procrastination is all about. The idea is to get a person to actually do the task that is at hand without procrastinating too much, it is only then that the person discovers that the task is not as difficult as it seems to be. Joseph Clough is able to effectively influence the mind of a person positively so as to get a person to act instead of procrastinating. He has introduced hypnosis CDs and hypnotherapy MP3 downloads to this effect, all these come with a money back policy that is guaranteed. Are you indeed desperate to get rid of procrastination using hypnosis? In order to put an end to procrastination hypnosis is highly effective as it will cause an individual to focus on the end result and report of completing the task at hand. The idea is to force a person to do a task that they are dreading to do, and they constantly dwell on thoughts that surround the task. After listening to these hypnotherapy MP3 downloads or hypnosis CDs a person is bound to get rid of procrastination.

It is impossible for one to go wrong and by the end of the suggested sessions a person successfully able to get rid of procrastination using hypnosis. Most probably you will not be the first one to use these hypnosis resources that have been introduced by Joseph Clough, you are sure to find valuable feedback regarding the same. The professional coaching offered by Joseph Clough is reliable; he's not looking to get control of your mind. He will help you train your mind to focus or concentrate on completing the task at hand. You will discover that it is possible to get rid of procrastination using hypnosis and you will be able to tell others about it as well.