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!Revision and learning can be a stressful time for anyone

Joseph Clough

Revision and learning can be a stressful time for anyone, especially if you have problems with procrastination and remembering vital information.



Do you feel that its hard to remember and retain information?



Do you wish that you could simply and easily remember all the information you need without worry, anxiety and frustration?



To feel confident that your unconscious mind is fully absorbing all the vital pieces of information you need?



What if there was a way to give you the motivation and ability to recall information at will?
How would it improve your performance when revising and learning?
What wonderful future opportunities may arise through your success?



I believe Hypnosis is that Key!



Hypnosis taps into the unconscious mind and your unconscious mind is the domain of all learning. Your unconscious mind is always the thing that remembers, stores and allows you to continue to learn.


Imagine remembering vital information as easy as walking. After all you don’t conscious think about walking really do you? Nor driving? Eating or breathing? It’s just an unconscious process.


Using hypnosis we can at first let go of any limiting decisions when it comes to learning such as ‘I cant remember things’ ‘I’m not good and learning’ ‘it takes me for ever to learn and remember information’,


We can then tap into the power of the unconscious to retain important information while acquiring all the internal resources you need to revise with ease.
If you were able to successfully learn and revise then you would do, wouldn't you? The fact that you cannot must mean that your unconscious is limiting your learning strategies and instilling negative associations to learning.
My Enhance Learning & Revision hypnosis CD or mp3 download will work directly with your unconscious to reach new levels of accelerated learning and memory recall!



All the stress, worry and anxiety will be replaced with confidence and power – the power to remember

consciously and unconscious beyond you wildest dreams. Try it out.



Your friend



Joseph Clough

Time to Spring Clean and focus on the best out of life

Joseph Clough

I firmly believe, that if we hold onto the things we don’t need, there’s not enough room for new exciting things to come into your life. Because its already full of the clutter. I like the metaphor that if you go into a room of your house and see lots of clutter, its represents your life. After all, the outer world only represents our inner world.

But let’s take it a little deeper shall we?

Every client I see always wants something more out of life and it can even vary to things such as people wanting to move out of their present circle of friends and surround themselves with new positive supporting friends. But if we don’t make the decision to stop seeing our present friends, who aren’t supportive of where we are going, there won’t be enough room to allow the new friends in.

It goes the same for intimate relationships, if you don’t see a future with your present partner and no longer wish to be with him or her but stay in the unhappy relationship, there’s not much of chance of meeting the ‘one’.   

If you have dis-order in your environment and you feel its time to get more out of life, whether that’s more money, more clothes, more friends or a new relationship we have to think its time to make some important decisions, to make a commitment to ourselves to no longer settle for second best.

If you only settle for second best, you focus and expect second best. But when we refuse to have nothing less than the best in all areas of our life, we change our focus. When you change your focus you change your outcome.

Your conscious mind is the goal setter, the part of you who chooses what you want. The unconscious mind is the goal getter.

But the question is: Are you consciously setting your unconscious to attract second best or the best out of life?

Your Friend


Celebrity Mind Coach