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Hypnosis, Seth from child to giant

Joseph Clough


As a hypnotist, it’s important to tell you why and how it can help you.

Hypnosis has transformed millions of live’s, I can tell you hundreds and hundreds of my client cases of how people have let go of fears, depression, medical issues, anxiety, OCD, panic attacks, the list is endless, like all good hypnotists.

But I won’t tell you those studies in today’s Hypnosis Blog.

I want to tell you about a specific person who used Hypnosis to transform his life.

Let’s call him Seth, now Seth was always thought of himself as different, in a way as child he felt isolated, cut off from other people. There was nothing wrong with Seth; he had great friends as a child since he could remember. He never felt like a loner, but he did feel something most people can feel in life. Seth had the dreaded thoughts of ‘not being good enough’, fear of what people thought, suffered with anxiety and felt generally inferior to not only people, but most situations, especially new ones.

He had trouble speaking to his Grandparents due to his extreme shyness. School was a hard time for him as he struggled to learn at school, in fact his school wanted him to have one to one tuition, fortunately his insistant, supportive mother refused, knowing it would add to the low self esteem and shyness.

With a few hiccups along the way Seth got a little better, but he still lacked that strength, confidence and worthiness he knew he wanted and should have.

He got to the point that he did a Job he disliked and he lived for the weekend. He had a relationship going nowhere masking he’s feelings of being lost with security.

Something had to change; no-one else could do it. He had to do it he just didn’t know how.

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

Seth’s father, had an idea that would 100% change his son’s life.

He suggested to his son, to go on a week’s Hypnosis courses to get reflection and time out.

Little did his father know, but it caused an accumulation of events, synchronicities and connection he never thought was possible.

The wizard of the Hypnosis course was just that. He was an elderly chap with more kindness and wisdom than most, a wizard, has skills but also has a way of speaking to different parts of you said Seth. He knew something was happening deep within his inner mind.

Seth decided that it was time to be him and nothing less than him, the haze of being lost disappeared and as days weeks and months went by he looked back at himself and realised how Hypnosis changed his life and how he was using it to change others too.

Hypnosis was a key that unlocked the potential of the sleeping giant within. He since achieved more successes, more changes and feats that were beyond what was imaginable. All because of the ingredients that came together.

Ingredients and instructions for Seth were:

  1. Feeling of lost and lack of self worth
  2. Add to that with a decision of ‘I have to change’
  3. Take one father to spurn the idea of a life time of change
  4. When idea comes, the idea is seized and taken on board
  5. One wizard with an abundance of passion
  6. Allow the unconscious to rise and find the solution
  7. Act out the wonderful fruits of results and continue to take action and live a life of helping others.
  8. Finally tell everyone who reads this, if they had not realised Seth was in fact me - Joseph Clough. I was the young child who had the issues, but thanks to help, support, teachers, Hypnosis and my decisions to be me, I became the me I am today.

Young me

To me today

Hypnosis changed my life; it has given me more than I thought, from struggling at school subjects, I now read in-depth books on everything about life. I teach in front of big crowds and was on ITV without hesitation. I can tell you now, I feel worthy, I am good enough and I want to tell you, you too can have that. Hypnosis/hypnotherapy is a key, which once turned can allow you to be you, the real you.

Your friend

Joseph Clough

Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, Coach..... Giant ;) - Hypnosis CD’s and MP3 downloads and free e-book Being Your Potential and free Hypnosis tracks - Reclaim Your Destiny a introduction to NLP in one weekend to transform your life.

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