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Living the life you want

Joseph Clough

Imagine having all the things you wanted

More importantly imagine having all the internal resources, empowering beliefs and behaviours that get you all the things you want.

I would say 90%-95% only think of wanting all the things they want, and never go to work on themselves which will allow them to achieve them.

People forget to realize that the inner beliefs, the feelings you feel and the behaviours you act out is the exact key to achieve anything you want.

Why don’t we work on ourselves?

Why do we not focus on the inner world of us and only focus on the outer physical world?

I used to have quote in my room to remind me every day of this. It went something like this:

When I focus on the internal/inner world of me, and have the rich,loving respect for me and connect with me and the world within me, then I will create the wealth, health, relationships and career I desire in the external/outer world.

It made me re-remember each day, that I had to go within to get what I wanted in the ‘real’ world.

If you focus on just your external experience you will go without.

Self Hypnosis allowed me to get that connection, to connect with my unconscious mind and that’s when I would get results.

95% of your processes and behaviour is an unconscious process. 5% is you, the conscious mind.

Let me say it again, 95% of what you do, the beliefs you hold, the behaviours you run, the feelings you feel are run at an unconscious level, not conscious level.

What does that mean?

Well if you neglect the inner world of you, do not connect with the unconscious mind you will lose out on achieve your goals and dreams.

Hypnosis allows you to connect with your unconscious mind. So that 100% of you begins to focus and attract and achieve your goals and dreams.

You are the Goal Setter; your Unconscious Mind is the Goal Getter!

Why not use Hypnosis today and feel good, act and react the way you wish and live the life you want.

Remember, those beliefs, resources, and behaviours to achieve you everything you wish is achieved my going on the inside, when you change the inner, you will always change the outer!

Your friend


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