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Gus, Curiosity, Why and Us

Joseph Clough

Happy Friday!

Last night I was dog sitting my brother’s young pup called Gus,

Stay with me as there is a reason behind the story.

Now Gus, like all young pups has boundless energy and a habit of wanting to do anything he can. He has this curiosity to find and do anything. Unfortunately for me last night, that meant running, hiding, biting, chewing, bumping into things and taking advantage of me.

Now we all have been like that once right? Now, I don’t mean the latter, but the curiosity of wanting to do anything he can.

When we were young ourselves, we asked so many questions, in fact there’s the ancient most wonderful question anyone has ever asked. So what is it?

Its simple....


When we were young we were so curious to know about everything. Why this? Why that? Why does this do that? Why does that do this? why does why mean why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

When did we lose the ability to consistently to ask the why questions?

But first it’s vital and important to realize the difference between the whys firsts

I am NOT on about the silly whys of ‘Why am I so poor?’ ‘Why does the world hate me?’ etc . They just give us reasons to why we are like we are and that gets us now where.

I mean the ‘whys’ for knowledge. To have the curiosity of a child in wanting to know why something works.

I am a big why person. I want to know everything I can. I want to know why a techniques works in NLP, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy or Coaching. Then I can really be it, and even add to it. I want to know how entrepreneurs think, why they get their success when others do not. I want to know about science, quantum physics, spirituality, esoteric knowledge. I want to know everything I can about anything. I can be very obsessive about it in a healthy way.

Ever heard the quote:

“If you are not growing, you are dying”

Everyone on my Seminars such as my Reclaim Your Destiny NLP taster weekend or my NLP Practitioner Training Courses people are there to learn. They are curious. They hear about NLP or Hypnotherapy and want to know more and how they can apply it in their life, to help other people.

Anyone who’s achieved anything was curious, wanting to know why or how they could achieve something. Albert Einstein wanted to know why and how the universe is.

So, remember, to ask the whys, the hows, the everythings to get a deeper understanding of you, your world, the universe. Grow beyond your boundries.

Your friend

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