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The Mind can't distinguish from what is imagined and what is real

Joseph Clough

The Mind can’t distinguish from what is imagined and what is real There have been many studies where scientists have worked with athletes and got them to visualise the whole race from start to finish whilst being hooked up to some sophisticated bio-feedback machine. And they found out that when they were thinking of that whole race in their mind, their body was firing off the same signals as what would be happening in reality. Why? Because the mind can’t distinguish from what is imagined and what is real.

That is why when you think of all the things you don’t want, you have all the negative feelings with it too. That is why when people have a fear or a phobia towards something, they may even see a picture of the thing, or simply think of that scary thing in their mind, even though they know it’s not there in reality, their body still has the fear and anxiety there. It just can’t tell the difference.

So if you are thinking of all the negative, your body begins to think that is true and therefore looks out for those situations, which therefore attracts those negative things into your life.

If you begin to think in your mind, begin to visualise of all the things you do want, whilst having strong powerful emotions in attracting it i.e. the most powerful feelings of abundance, gratitude, love, happiness even belief in knowing that you’re going to achieve those goals - that’s when your body begins to actually attract it into your life, because it thinks it’s true – it searches for it.

A lot of people who have been successful in their life had the image of what they wanted and when they kept on thinking about what they wanted, their specific outcome, it made them so aligned. It got their mind searching for that answer, seeking out those opportunities and manifesting it into their life. To me, that is one of the most powerful things that you can do. Holding the image in your mind of what you really want, obsessing over it in a most positive way that you know it’s going to happen.

You then have that 100 per cent belief throughout your whole mind and unconscious mind that you know it’s going to happen. And I can guarantee if you have that, that is when you attract everything that you want into your life, that is when you become connected with your source, your true potential.

So that is exactly what the unconscious mind does, it runs all of those behaviours for the best of intentions. But it just needs that direction, the right focus. It needs direction from you to be able to get those outcomes.

And there are many ways that you can do that. One of the most powerful ways is by paying attention to your feelings, your emotions, being conscious of what you are feeling. The emotions that we have inside of us, the feelings we’re feeling from a day to day basis are like our guidance system. They guide us to where we want to be. If you have feelings of gratitude, love, belief and perhaps ‘knowing’ that you’re going to achieve these outcomes, it will begin to attract those things into your life. Because every thought is just energy, everything that you think right now is a vibrating wave of energy, and every thought is a signal and each one brings you back the equivalent.

So, if you’re thinking positively and you’re feeling positive, your mind will begin to attract more of that into your life. That which is like itself is drawn to you. And that is a way we attract things into our life.