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We are the creators of our reality.

Joseph Clough

We Are The Creators Of Our Reality. Whatever you’re perceiving right now, you’re projecting into your reality. You’re literally attracting it into your life. The feelings that we have inside, the real emotions that we’re having, are the judges of what we’re getting.

Because as we’re taking those vibrations in, they make us vibrate. If we’re really happy, we’re vibrating really strongly. We feel full of energy. We’re like a frequency; we’re attracting the “alike” back to us. Some people call it the law of attraction, where like attracts like. I really see it like this: if you think in the way that you want to, you think positively - the mind and body will produce the results you need to achieve your dreams. This is because we’re fundamentally interconnected with everything around us. Everything around us is pure energy. Now, if we’re pure energy, if you take our atoms down to the smallest form, we’re just vibrating energy, as is everything else and our thoughts are in a way energy “vibrating.” If those thoughts are vibrating at a “lower” frequency, we’re going to attract low frequency things. We’re going to attract the things that we don’t really want.

But if we have those empowering thoughts, the positive thoughts, the positive beliefs and positive perceptions, we’re going to start to project and attract the positive back to us. We’re going to find the equal opposite to get what we really want. And it’s all about changing your focus.

So the real main subjects we’ve covered in this first chapter is that life is meant to be good for you, that you have more potentiality than you think.

You are always more than you think -- and I truly mean that. Life is meant to be good for you and I want it to be good for you. If we take responsibility for all the situations that we are in right now in the most empowering way, for everything in our life, and we begin to own them and control them, we can begin to attract more and take on new perceptions. If we gain control of our mind, if we get in control of our perceptions, we’re going to start to project the reality that we deserve and therefore attract it into manifestation.

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