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Thank you, My Hay House Book Deal, How I got it, How you can learn from it.

Joseph Clough

Hi Guys, I had a wonderful meeting yesterday regarding my first book which is being released this July 2012 with the wonderful and amazing Hay House.

I want to express my thanks to you for being my inspiration. Everything I do is with you in mind. Thank you for all the wonderful comments on Facebook and also on Twitter, I love talking and connecting with you all.

To be with Hay House who in my eyes the most successful Publishers with the most inspiring authors in the world such as Louise Hay herself,  Dr Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, Caroline Myss, Bruce Lipton, Robert Holden, Doreen Virtue, Marianne Williamson and many many more. So it was my dream to be with them. My goal was to be published  by a real publisher before I was 30, and I'm 28.

Speaking about my book I wanted to go over how it came into fruition and how you can maybe utilise my thoughts to help you in life.

At school, you could say I was in the bottom classes, I struggled deeply, in fact when in my primary/Kindergarten school my teacher called my mum to say I had learning difficulties and I should be taken out of class for closer tuition. My mother did not want this and refused, as I was a shy and unconfident boy and felt it would make it far harder for me in school. So instead she got me after school tuition. In secondary school/high school, I still struggled and barely passed my exams, I went to college and never even passed it or graduate.

So you could say academically I stumbled, in fact I still do - if you are a reader of my blogs…you will know this greatly! But I refuse to allow anything to stop me. Rather writing the book, I just spoke my mind in to a recording machine for 6 hours and my book was in that audio. I then had it transcribed - there is always a way, there is always a solution and passion gets you there despite any downfalls we may have.

Hay House naturally have loved the manuscript, but one thing they really loved about me was how I give and care for others (which I do), I love recording and writing for you, its why I do what I do, your feedback and comments always inspire to be more.

So what got me the book deal is summarised in the following:

* Ownership - Despite any lack in present ability, we must take responsibility for out circumstance, when we do that we take ownership, we assume control and we refuse to allow others, circumstances or situations to impact our life.

* Outcome - We must bare in mind our outcome, stating it in the positive, seeing and feeling it within our mind and heart and allow it to propel us to our desires. Wherever our attention goes energy flows and with consistency it expands in us and also into our actions and world.

* Do - we must take action, cease the moment and do what you desire. Without action, we are simply dreamers, but with action we are visionaries manifesting dreams into reality. Assume the feeling of having achieved your desires, and take action on your desires with conviction. When we decide to do, we decide to live.

* Evolution -  To be flexible. When we are rigid and closed to change we stop growing. However when we develop a flexibility in our behaviour it means we can adjust, and learn from our experience, we can learn from what life throws at us.

* Contribution - Be kind, be thankful, and give. I put a lot of my own successes down to my love to give or contribute to the world. When you give, we not only allow others to see the beauty of you in action and in-turn they give to others, but equal to that the core of you thrives and you empower yourself to new levels of happiness and confidence

* Be - Its important to be fully present in this moment, when we put out attention on the now we release past negative emotions and emotions. We also let go of the illusionary future such as anxiety. Live in this moment, and love it, when you do that life flows with you and experience everything it has to offer.

* Love - Love who you are, Love what you do and Love life.

With love,