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Free Confidence Coaching and Hypnosis Programme out tomorrow

Joseph Clough

Hi Everyone, I am the most exciting news for you - I am very soon going to be giving my biggest gift to you - a FREE 8 hour Confidence Audio Programme. to make 2012 the best year yet!

I am planning to have it all edited and live for you this week or early next week. Its taken many hours in designing, recording, editing and putting up. But I will not be charging for it, there is no sign up - I am giving it away to you for free so you can develop the true confidence that you deserve. Its full with coaching, transformational processes and Hypnosis bonuses. As I said its the biggest gift to date and there is no charge - if anything when its up live all I would love for you to do is share it to your friends so together we can make changes globally. out for my next email as it will contain the link to the programme

Also for those of you really interested in changing your life, career, relationship and health or even becoming a Hypnotherapist like many others have done then you will want to read some more.

The first training (maybe the only one this year) this year will be on Saturday 18th -Tuesday 21st & Thursday 23rd - Sunday 26th February and I only have 2 places left - so first come, first served! 2012

Certification at Practitioner level for both NLP and Time Line Therapy and Master hypnotist.

NLP recognised by the ABNLP, Time Line Therapy by the TLTA and Hypnotist by the UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners.

I've managed to keep the cost down to our previous years at only £1100 ( That's for the pre-study, 8 days training, certification and my personal future back up) and if you are already an NLP Practitioner but trained with someone else you can come along at our refreshers rate of £450 for the whole 8 Days training! I said only 2 places left and they will go to the quick!

Now if you do want all that come to our training Click Here to register

If you're still really not sure, email me with your telephone number or call me and ask me personally if I think it's right for you ~ you know I'll only tell you the truth., 01223 720 120

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