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Taking your football to the next level with Hypnosis.

Joseph Clough

Taking your football to the next level with Hypnosis. Imagine improving all aspects of your game by 15 – 30 %

How would that improve your skills, vision, reactions and creativity on the pitch?

Where would that next level take you?

But can it be done? Why and how?

Yes it can, many footballers/teams have specialists to do just this, footballs a big business and every goal, save and tackle can mean the differences between a twenty million pound drop in revenue to reaching finals. Teams can not afford not to do it.

They know that players have to train almost every day to reach peak performance. Where they condition the muscles to work hard for stamina, longevity and success.

But they know the real secret too. What it is?

Well you can get the best footballer, but without the right mindset, they fall to the wayside of the rest. Confidence is a big factor, we hear it all the time “The striker needs to get a goal to get the confidence back”, “A good first save will give the keeper confidence”, its vital, right?

But there’s more. How to you keep the confidence and have peak focus?

By training the brain to achieve specific goals and targets. Any average footballer can be a great footballer by training the mind to get in gear and develop confidence and control on the pitch.

How low was David Beckhams confidence after 1998 world cup sending off? Everyone slated him. But look at him now, went on to become the England Captain, Moved to Madrid, went to America. Guess what? He saw Hypnotist.

Interesting eh?

All the best sports stars from Tiger Woods to Beckham, to Boxing to Darts, know that there mind is the thing that gets them those results, the power of focus.

Hypnosis does just that. It works with the conscious mind and unconscious mind so that you are aligned, in peak performance and you achieve goals. If you practise physically on the pitch you improve, it goes for the same with the mind, you practise mentally – you improve.

Imagine turning up your focus and confidence up by 15- 30%

Use Hypnosis, even check you my Improve your Football Performance Hypnosis CD or MP3 Download, there’s also a free audio clip to really hear what its like.

It’s all in your feet, its all in your mind.

Joseph Clough

Oh - why not try to download my confidence free Hypnosis download at - would really help before the big game!