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This blog is especially for you

Joseph Clough

Wow its June already….. Hasn’t this year flown by so far! I thought I’d give you an update on what I’m up to.

Well I’ve been writing a lot recently, and as you will soon find out, they are all for free and all for you and I plan to give you one or two every week. You can find them here on the article section.

I was thinking today, when I was in my garden feeling the rays of the sun, how wonderful it is to be outside in the quiet.

Personally I am a very private person; I like being by myself and spending time with myself. Don’t get me wrong I do socialise, but I feel it’s important to enjoy your own company and be by yourself and connect with yourself. By going within in, you change the outer.

I have a question for you….. How often to you give yourself 30 minutes, 15 minutes even 5 minutes dedicated to you? To be outside, to be quiet and just stop for a while?

I know you have lots going on in your life, we can have many different roles we take on, maybe being:

A Son or daughter A father or mother A grandson or granddaughter A grandfather or grandmother A sibling A wife, a husband, boyfriend, girlfriend A friend A job role

The list goes on and on, we have so many sides to our life, but I think we forget about the most important side of us.

Just being you.

To take time out and stop…….. and yes again be YOU.

I know for a fact the roles I mentioned above are simply going to get stronger and healthier when you take time out for you. I always refer to the safety drill sheet when you go on the plane. You should always put the oxygen mask on yourself first before putting them on others.


Because you are no good to anyone if you are losing oxygen! You are also a human being not a human doing!

Sounds harsh, but I say what I say for the best of intentions. You need to take just five minutes out for yourself.

Go outside; connect with your thoughts, your feelings and take in your environment around you. Take in the fresh air, the sky, and the trees and be you. This will re-energise you and also help all other areas of your life.

You are a precious gift to many people in your life, they want you to be you, so take the time and be you. And remember you are the precious gift to yourself, so take the time out for yourself.

Did I go off on a tangent? Sorry about that, when it comes, it flows.

Oh what I was also going to say is.....Thank You, no reason other than for being you.

Your friend

Joseph Clough

Looking after number one and an update

Joseph Clough

Hey Guys Just got back from some filming for BNTC. It was a wonderful day meeting fellow coaches and experts such as Angus McLeod, Tony & Nicki Vee ; Alexandra Watson.

My video will be up online soon and will let you know when it’s up, as I feel you will really be able to achieve success in all areas of your life if you follow my simple steps to Success.

This is your day, your day to focus on what YOU want.

Think about it…. How often do you think about yourself and what you want?

Most people continually focus on what other people want of you or focus on what you can do for your job, family, friends and relationships.

But think about this, have you ever gone on a plane and looked at the safety protocol in case of an emergency?

They always say put on the oxygen mask on yourself first then put the oxygen mask on your children.

To me it’s a great metaphor for life, in order to do your best for others I believe you must look after yourself first.

Okay it seems out of what you ordinary do and even may seem selfish, but stay with me. By looking after number 1, you can then only truly help others and after all people in your life want you to be happy. If they do not, forget about them.

So what do you want? I believe now is the time to follow your passion. When you follow your passion, people will re-align with you and assist you on your journey. But you have to be the initiator, the person who makes the decision to have what you desire. No one should give you permission to do so; you must give permission to yourself.

Live life the way you dreamed as a child, one of infinite possibilities, one where you can be, do or have what you wish. When you approach your life this way you will manifest and actualize a rich successful life in all areas of your life.

Be your success!

Your friend