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How much do you value yourself?

Joseph Clough

Hey Guys,


I’m reading a wonderful book right now by Dr John DeMartini called ‘How to make a hell of a profit and still go to heaven’.  I’m literality 20 pages in but I can tell its going to be a good book.




Well from what I’ve read so far it’s about value for oneself, which has got me thinking.


How much do you value yourself?


I can pretty much guarantee you will not value yourself as highly as you should. I bet at times you may talk to yourself in away that you would never say to a best friend.


But why do we not value ourselves as highly as we should? 


Maybe it’s the society we live in where all medias are telling us how not to be and how to strive for perfection. This maybe true.


Maybe it’s the people we surround ourselves with…maybe….but I feel we must take responsibility and ownership for this one. When the external noise gets stronger than our internal voice and conviction we are bound to hesitate, lack belief and ultimately lack value in ourselves.


But remember when you focus on the inner world (mind and body) the outer world changes. And just remember no one can truly value you unless you value yourself and really really really really remember, what ever you think you are, you are always worth more than that, as you are unique, one of a kind and in everyway beautiful as you could ever imagine.


Your friend