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Public Speaking fear to Public Speaking excellence

Joseph Clough

Public Speaking fear to Public Speaking excellence Public speaking can be a massive concern for many people; in fact there have been recent studies that people fear Public Speaking more than the fear of death.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. I too once had a big fear of public speaking, I would become self conscious, blush and feel all the attention was on me, however now I talk in front of big crowds and just love being in front of people.

So how can you change your fear of public speaking to the love of public speaking?

Well first of all, it’s all about what’s happening inside of your mind. Many people tend to create images of all the things that could go wrong, having negative and doubting thoughts, which leads to the body to create all the symptoms of a phobia – its time to get back the control.

Here are my quick fire tips for speaking confidently with presence:

  • Visualize and mental rehearse your presentation being charismatic and successful as if it was a real experience – feel the feelings of how good it would feel.
  • Don’t think: How can I survive this? Instead think: How can I do this brilliantly?
  • Use eye contact with each member of the audience in turn.
  • Preparation prevents panic—knowing your material well will really boost your confidence
  • Never memorize your speech word for word, simply know your key points – even create a mind map of those key points.
  • When talking imagine projecting your voice over and past your audience – this creates that magical presence as confident speaker.
  • If you make a mistake – who cares, it happens, simply carry on or correct it without apologizing
  • Be passionate about what your talking about, as audience will know your authentic and will be left wanting more.
  • And finally allow talking to people to become a fun process, after all it truly is.

Stay tuned for my new Public Speaking Hypnosis CD in the next week – it will transform you to the charasmtic presenter you’ve always wanted to be.

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