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Is it time to connect with you?

Joseph Clough

Hey, as I was on my run this morning, it got me thinking….. I wondered why people can be closed from themselves. How we can lose sight of ourselves, our needs and emotions. How we can bury ourselves with other things going on our life.

I have fallen for this trap many times by the way, but its time for us all to be conscious of what we’re all about and what we experience.

Why don’t we feel our true emotions or even express them?

Maybe because we worry what we maybe truly feeling? Whether that’s good or bad.

Fear, Passion, Hurt, Connection, Our needs, Energy, Wants, Love or lack of it?

Stay with me……..It does not matter if what you feel is good or bad, its worse to keep it buried inside.

Can I be honest with you?

I’ve only recently learnt how to master this myself, without boring you, I was like this, closed off from myself because of the..... what ifs....?

But here’s the thing, I quickly realised the more I did this the more it increased those boundaries and the less I felt the real me.

So what was there really to be fearful of?

Well there was nothing, when we embrace our feelings and emotions, we become true, when we become true, we start to dissolve the negative as we acknowledge it and allow it to transform. Think about it, if you were to injure your foot, but you kept walking in it, you would feel for pain, because our body is trying to tell us something.

It’s the same for what we feel inside, what ever we resist persists.  When we give ourselves up to ourselves, to embrace ourselves, to feel our true feelings, we become one, a whole. Its not bad to feel good or bad emotions. Its natural, its less natural to avoid them, bury them and let them get stronger.

Embrace yourself; get in touch with you, your mind and heart, when you do this you will truly become connected with your true identity and potential to master your emotions and to flow with them as an observer to your magnificent life.

Your friend

Joseph Clough

Joseph Clough Britains Next Top Coach