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Simple Thoughts

Joseph Clough

Simple Thoughts From A Simple Man The more I learn the more I realise the importance of simplicity.

We attract certain dramas in our life, sometimes the emotional and physical energy we put into focusing on what we do not want leads to bring more back to us. At an unconscious level if we do not have drama, we can feel empty.

For me personally, I am going through a cleansing stage of my life, one that has made me revaluate my priorities.

For a long time I only had one priority and that was my business.

All my energy and thoughts were going into what I can do to help more people and make a successful business.

The thoughts in my head were something like this:

“When I do ‘x’ then I can relax”

“When I achieve ‘x’ then I will see the world”

“When I have ‘x’ I will focus on me and my needs”

“When I have earned ‘x’ amount of money, I will start enjoying it”

In other words, when I get  ‘x’, only then will I do what I want in my life. My happiness depended on achieving a certain thing.

But although many may give me reasons as to why they have to do ‘x’ first, remember I have been there. I have had to struggle setting up my own businesses and faced the same issues and obsticales like any other. It is hard graft, life brings us challenges. But I challenge you to think about this seriously.

What would happen if we just focused on the real needs we have. They are usually states such as Happiness, contentment, wholeness and peace etc (notice they are not physical things).

It took me a long time to realise that after every goal, after every achievement there will be another one created and that will delay what I want in life.

My goal for life now is to be happy. To do what makes me happy.

Right now that’s to see the world and live a little (actually I mean live big).

We can always delay our true needs, but it’s a choice that you have to make. It’s not about our goal and it’s not the destination we strive too. It’s all about being in the moment as we go through life upon the journey. That’s the meaning of life, to have a life of meaning.

Do not waste your happiness by always looking beyond. The key is simplicity.


What will make you the happiest and most peaceful right now?

What do you really want to do that you’ve been putting off?

Its less about if not now, when?

Its really about the now, being the now and doing what you want on your own terms.

At the beginning of the email I said, "at an unconscious level if we do not have drama, we can feel empty." Well when you focus on the now and what makes you the most happiest now, then there is no emptiness and there is no drama.

As for me, my way is to see the world, but thankfully I love helping people and I love recording you free coaching videos and hypnosis/hypnotherapy mp3 downloads. That makes me happy, so that’s what I do.

There’s always a way, but just make sure it’s your way.

With love