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August Newsletter - FREE Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Gifts

Joseph Clough

Welcome to Joseph Clough Newsletter August 2011

Hey guys, Just got back from a wonderful training teaching some brilliant therapists in Israel. In this newsletter I have got some amazing gifts for you, nothing for you to pay, just simply watch/listen. So lets get to it!

1) Free Connection Wholeness Hypnosis MP3

2) Free Get Focused Hypnosis download

3) Free Healthy Money Association Transformation Hypnosis download

4) Complete Life Mastery

5) NLP Practitioner....

Free Connection Wholeness Hypnosis MP3

In this hypnosis/hypnotherapy gift....

Its all about becoming more conscious, connected, whole and developing confidence, self worth and self esteem and acquiring empowering resources such as safety, secruity and a whole lot more.

Be sure to pass this on to people by liking the blog post with a comment, and sharing it with your contacts the more who realise their potential the better we all are.

Listen to this podcast on my blog here or download it on iTunes (Oh and please review and rate it!)here


Free Get Focused Hypnosis download

A while ago I promised that I would record free hypnosis/hypnotherapy MP3 download podcast on becoming focused.

You will get:

Focused, motivated, clearer thinking, inspired, take action on your goals and reap the rewards of the power of focus.

So here it is!

Listen to this podcast on my blog here or download it on iTunes (Oh and please review and rate it!)here


Free Healthy Money Association Transformation Hypnosis download

To make up for the lack of free hypnosis/hypnotherapy/coaching mp3 download gifts I have just recorded you this gift.

Change your perception on money to attract it.

Everything in life is an association, you have associations to money, health, relationships, career…everything area of life and everything in other words.

Depending on your association to something will predetermine your results. If the results we are getting are poor, or a lack of then we need to change our associations consciously and unconsciously.

This Hypnotic download will take your on a journey of learning’s and perceptions around your relationship with money.

Together you will see huge changes in your life and money.

Listen to it here or download it on iTunes (Oh and please review and rate it!) here


Complete Life Mastery

Due to an editing issue of some of the my Reclaim Your Destiny Seminar there is a dealy in launching the Comeplete Life Mastery programme.

I really do plan to get it up and running in two weeks time. So bare with me! :)

If you have not seen it, and you are interested in get first option on joining (limited numbers) and have access to over 60 hours of video and audio for absolute success take a look - HERE

NLP Practitioner....

For those who have been on my recent seminars in the UK and abroad people have asked me what my plans are. After considerable thought, having recorded over 40+ hours of gifts for you in the last year, as well as products, apps, seminars and trainings I have decided that I need to take some time out for myself.

I will continue to give you gifts, but my intention is to travel the world for some time and learn more to give more through life experience. This could be happening in as little as two weeks and could last from 4 weeks to some months away...or longer.

I will doing one more NLP Practitioner to teach people what I do if there is interest in Cambridge, UK. Once again, I will be still giving away as much as ever but this is your last chance of this year to come along on the NLP Practitioner. It will be in Novemeber, its super cheap compared to many others and you aslo get certifed in Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy. For more info Click Here

Enjoy the gifts this month. Go and get involved on facebook here

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