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Q&A February Part 2 - Joseph Clough

Joseph Clough

Hey guys, I asked on Facebook and Twitter for your questions - here is Part 2 ( Part 3 to follow soon).

1) Thanks for this opportunity. I have been having these episodes of pain due to stress/anxiety/worry in my life. The pain is in my chest, bowles and I have too much air. Doctors can't or won't help me. Sleeping meds don't keep me asleep and I keep fighting it for some reason. How do I turn around these bouts of insomnia AND insecurity?

2) Joseph I have borderline personality disorder which gives me heaps of issues with managing and having control of my emotions I am full of raw emotion and express it badly I have an issue with emotional eating and sugar cravings I have put on allot of weight and this makes it,all worse I need desperately to loose weight but I have no motivation to get started. And I know I need to get exercise but can't motivate myself to even do the housework. some days it's difficult to just get out of bed in the morning, I need to find the better non lathargic me and strive in life to be fit and healthy and feel good about myself.

3) I've got ehlers danlos syndrome and a sleep disorder amongst other lovely little ailments, have you any new audio podcasts for concentrating on mind over matter pain control and night time relaxation please? Plus any audio podcasts for staying positive when it gets you down.

4) Hi, an example of life path conflicting with positive thinking/manifesting good things.

Say our life path is meant to teach us certain lessons - maybe not nice ones how will trying to manifest good things work??

Or do you not believe in a life path? Are we here to completely choose? I had a baby boy who died full term pregnancy, I obviously didn't try to wish for this, my life was then happy and good. Since he died I am anxious and fearful, I have wished deeply for things and got them so I know it works! Just crappy things keep happening and I am finding keeping positive really really hard at the moment, then I feel guilty as there are so many people worse off than me. Guilt and fear- a horrid combination.

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