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Q&A February Part 1 - Joseph Clough

Joseph Clough

Hey guys, I asked on Facebook and Twitter for your questions. I got them, in fact I got many, and I had to do a Part 1 and Part 2 (to follow soon)

These were the first set of questions I answered in order and my video reply is below:

1) How do you respect those that have no respect for anything or anyone? When do you draw the line between conforming to the situation and being used?

2) Hey Joseph once I am moving towards a goal, feeling confident the little ego voice appears again with messages of- you don't know what you are doing, you don't have competence etc. My question is when I rise above to positivity and certainty that I can achieve my goals- how do I stay there?

3) Your advice for things/habits anyone can do for a better life .. how often to do them .. daily or once a week .. etc .. Also can you tell us of ways that can be used to increase our learning speed for anything .. new language .. or in college study for example .. And thanks Joe .. You are a wonderful person

4) I need advice regarding making decisions and how to choose a career path and find passion.

5) Need help with the insomnia hypnosis. Usually (but not always) gets me to sleep, but have nights of frequent waking

6) Do you do individual private coaching - Need advice & gaining skills in dealing with difficult situations

7) I have always believed we have a life path but this conflicts with being positive and positive things happening. What are your thoughts on this??

8) Addictions. I quit soaking through hypnosis. - (10 days now). Next- gambling. Help!!

9) Hi Joseph! Advice for how to cope with setbacks (and not be set back by them!) would be really helpful.

10) any additional help for eating disorders/body image problems would be great Joseph! Thank you x

11) How do you know if your able to be hypnotized? I'm reading your book and did the first session and fell asleep.. I don't think your suppose to fall asleep.. Frustrating.. I want to purchase the stop smoking cd.. But I want to make sure I can be hypnotized..

12) I've been wondering about the uses of Hypnosis with teens. Also, if they're unwilling to try it can you ask the subconscious instead? Which of course would want to be well right?

13) My question is How do I stop myself from falling asleep whilst listening to your hypnosis?.. Ive had another hypnotist say it's my mind refusing to actively participate in the suggestions and I should look at why I might be fighting it.

14) how do you not let people see that your in pain? That you want to inspire other people by what you are doing but at the same time not show that your struggling just as much as they are?

15) Mine is, no matter how much nlp, positivity, energy etc I do I still hit rock bottom, what am I doing wrong?

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