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Overcome Depression with Hypnosis - its a behaviour, not you.

Joseph Clough

Overcome Depression With Hypnosis Depression can feel like a black cloud hanging over us that just won’t lift or disappear.

Whether is stays or comes and goes you can get back into control and lift it for good and reach happiness and inner contentment.

But what is Depression and what’s its flip opposite?


Someone suffering from depression can suffer some or even all symptoms of the following

•    low mood that pervades all aspects of life •     An inability to experience in activities that formerly were enjoyed. •    May be preoccupied with, or ruminate over, thoughts and feelings of worthlessness, and feel not good enough. •    Inappropriate guilt or regret, helplessness, hopelessness, sadness and self-hatred.[ •    Withdrawal from social situations and activities, •    Reduced sex drive, •     Insomnia is common: in the typical pattern, a person wakes very early and is unable to get back to sleep] •     Hypersomnia, or oversleeping, is less common. •    Appetite often decreases resulting weight loss, although increased appetite and weight gain occasionally occur through comfort eating. The person may report multiple physical symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, or digestive problems

Read the rest of the article here to learn how to overcome Depression.

As always, Your friend

Joseph Clough Celebrity Mind Coach

P.S Let me tell you something straight you are not Depression; people tend to say ‘I am depressed’ as if it were there identity. Nothing is further from the truth, although it may seem like you are depression and depression is you.