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My Blogging Block and Trusting the Unconscious

Joseph Clough

Its Friday again, it’s almost the weekend.

So for the first time I had a block on what I would write today. When I write what I write, there is no plan. It’s a thought that comes up and then I type and type away. I find it to be the best way as I trust my unconscious to help me along in the writing process. I then can blame spelling mistakes on my unconscious ;) . My thoughts are 100 times quicker than my hands as a type. And I struggle to get everything out of my head to my laptop.

I think it’s a bit of trance when I write, it seems to flow. It’s just like when I see my clients, I don’t know what I’m going to say, but it seems to come out just the way it needs too. I’m always aware of why I say it to understand it, but not how it just comes to me. And if you have been on my trainings and seminars you will know this is true then also.

So maybe this is why I have the block. (Honestly this just came to me). Maybe it’s to talk about trusting your unconscious mind.

That's one thing I do very well. I trust my mind and body to serve me and help me be the best I can be. Yes there are something’s I need work on but overall I trust and love my unconscious mind as it’s done so much for me in the past.

Ever had that gut feeling to do something or not to do something?

Ever had an intuition about someone or some situation?

Well you will now know if you experienced it, that when you go against your intuition or gut instinct it usually goes against you. But when you go with it, you trust it, things seem to flow and happen how things should happen.

So maybe the theme of this blog is – to trust yourself more. Do not only rely on other peoples expectations. Do not only rely on what only your best friend thinks, your mum or dad, your brother or sibling. Go inside and ask yourself what to do and notice what you feel.

Feeling that feeling will be the safest bet in my view, especially over other peoples advice, as they may have different agendas or at the very least not know all the information.

So go ahead, and develop that connection with yourself. It takes just a small amount of time each day.

Take 5-10 minutes when you wake up or as you go to sleep to be still. Notice what you feel. Ask questions about the answers you need and always have more love for your unconscious each time you do so. That connection, that 5-10 minutes will be a transformation of a life time.

Your friend

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