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Happiness as a beginning

Joseph Clough

We all get caught up in life’s problems – don’t we?

We can lose ourselves and lose sight on what’s real and what’s important.

What is important?

Well to me it’s Happiness, the feelings of joy, fulfilment and contentment.

Here’s the thing, lets for the blogs sake call the above happiness. Happiness is a state of mind; it’s a way of thinking and feeling and more importantly - Being.

But what do we do?

We get caught up in the ‘doing’ instead. We try to reach the states of being and happiness by the act of doing. We focus on what we have to do next by the behaviours we run. Although I go on about ‘taking action’ to achieve our goals, if we are not in a state of being, happiness or gratitude as a beginning things do not always go our way. I believe when at the core of us we are in a state of being and feeling we then allow things to be attracted to us. Our brain (consciously and unconsciously) is connected in finding more things that allow us to be happy. This in turn will create the behaviours that will support us, allow us to be aligned and feel congruent.

If we do not feel the ‘beingness’ as a core, as a start, we then access states of frustration, hopelessness even anger. That will then get us caught up in the behaviours that do not support us.

Think about this as a hierarchy.

Number 1) Our core state (before all labels, before all behaviours or identity)

Number 2) Our Identity (who we perceive to be)

Number 3) Our beliefs and Values

Number 4) Our behaviours

Number 5) Our results

If we start out on Behaviours (Number 4 on the hierarchy) we lose the above, our beliefs, our identity and more importantly our core – Beingness, Happiness and so on.

So are your acting from your core?

If you are not – stop right now, and go inside and pay attention for a little while. Notice the inner feelings, feelings to be uncovered.

What is the core state or feeling that allows you to feel good no matter what?

What core state is it that allows you to go through all, without doubt or fear?

Then when you have that feeling, state, symbol for it. Sit inside the feeling and then just ‘Be’ for a while. The more you act and react in this feeling the more it becomes a habit, a core state in motion.

Emotion = Energy in motion.

Is your energy (core state) creating the right motion (behaviour)?

It’s all yours to discover....

Your friend

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