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Do you get too anxious before exams?

Joseph Clough

Do you get too anxious before exams?


Does the thought of retaining and remembering all the information feel you with fear and dread?


Do you completely worry until you feel out of control?


Read on then…


Exams can seem like a make or break situation regarding our future. Which can cause as fear, anxiety and worry.


We put all our conscious effort into learning and trying to remember what we have to remember. But when simply thinking of the exam feels you with dread…..we get problems.


If you’ve been revising to your best but the stress of the exam throws you off from being confident and competent then Hypnosis may be the key that unlocks the door to confidence, calmness and most of all knowing your stuff!


The reason why is this:


You conscious know a lot, but you unconscious mind is the domain of all your memories and learning. If you’ve read it, heard it or seen it you unconscious mind can remember it its just know how to work it. Further more if you can not control conscious it must mean the unconscious mind is running the ‘stress’ of the exams. So trying to remember your stuff becomes a big problem.


However why does it stress out?


Maybe Fear of failure?

Wanting to succeed?

Feelings of not knowing enough or being good enough to hit the grades you need?


Whatever it is, by running the stress for exams its trying to protect you. Trying to not fail, and wants you to succeed. But the behaviours seems simply errrrr rubbish!


However using Hypnosis and my Hypnotherapy CD Overcome Exam stress, you are able to finally release the stress!


Finally be able to feel comfortable, calm, reserved and confident.


Through my Hypnotic suggestions on the Overcome Exam Stress Hypnosis CD or MP3 download together we will come up with empowering beliefs, feelings and new ways of dealing with stress so that you approach exams calmly and confidently!


Now take the time to make sure you are 100% confident with exams and be free of stress through the power of Hypnosis!

Your friend


Joseph Clough

Coach, Trainer, Author