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Yesterday I asked a question to my facebook and twitter account (join my facebook page here and Twitter here)

I had about 18 questions asked so last night although a pretty pretty pretty tired I was eager to answer them.

Oh my video battery went on my camera half way through...I was in the zone and didnt realise for about 10 minutes!

The questions asked:

1)      How do you release an unwanted behaviour ??

2)      I've only over the last week uploaded your free podcast's and are enjoying listening to them before I go to sleep so I'll get back to you on that one...Big thumbs up for the great job you're sharing with us : )

3)      Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - is it possible to overcome an addiction to a person ..?

4)      Why can't I meet a man who would love with all his heart me and marry me?

5)      What am i supposed to do with my life?

6)      What one tip, in one line, would you give to anyone?

7)      When you supposedly "know" all the things you are meant to do but just can't seem to get yourself "unstuck" and move forward in your life. Btw thank you for all the wonderful work you do - bless

8)      I have the same question as do you overcome an addiction to a person that you love beyond reason?

9)      I want to piggyback on Natasha's question. Getting 'unstuck' when you seem to be doing all you know how. I'm a very positive person to start, so I think positive most of the time, I have a lot of gratitude for the things I already have......etc. However, my life seems to be at a standstill and time is running out, because if things don't change, things for me can go south pretty quickly. Thanks Joseph for all of your advice in the past, it has helped a great deal.

10)   When will I get pregnant? Is something holding me back? Sorry that's two questions!

11)   Why someone can say you are the only one they love, forever, and then just walk away without a care. Did they ever truly love you?

12)   Transition from NLP student to Practitioner. Making the shift between " I don't think I have what it takes.... to.... I am pretty good at this & can make a real difference.... How do I move through this process ??

13)   What happens when you imagine feeling good about yourself right now?

14)   How to hypnotize myself......:)

15)   How can a be present, or in the moment always? how can l just be? be happy and at ease? (i know sound like three but it is really one question, at least thats what i think)

16) Explain mental illness and how it relates to free will

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Oh get the video on itunes here

With Love,