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You might not like what i've written

Joseph Clough

Its Thursday, I have a seminar coming up this weekend and thought I would touch base and share a few things that I will most definitely be talking about.

This is close to my heart and here’s my rant with nothing less than respect for you.

How long will you wait to decide to take action on your goals/outcomes/dream?

A day, a week, a month, a year.......never?

It’s time to up the ante here,  and excuse my bluntness but I only want you to act out and be who i know you are inside....your true potential.

The reason(s) you may have, that stop you acting out your dreams is an excuse. Yes an excuse.

Stay with me, this could just be something.

All reasons/excuses will simply reaffirm your situation. That’s all they do. But let’s get real; those reasons/excuses are just self limitations. People have succeeded with much bigger challenges than ours. That goes for people who overcome dis-ease (look at Lance Armstrong and many more), racism (look at Martin Luther King), Ghandi, the list is endless.


Whatever challenges they faced, they took responsibility for them, they didn’t allow for excuses and did not give in. To me that’s the number one key to success, taking ownership for your life, when you do this, you are back in the driving seat.

If you are not in the driving the seat......who is?.....think about it.

Your friend,