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Who are you? What are you not? my truth

Joseph Clough

Who Am I? Who are you?

Well let me start by say what you are not.

You are not anxiety, you are not depression, you are not low confidence, you are not fear, these are all behaviour you have picked up, only behaviours and you sure are not your behaviour. You are not small, weak or limited. You are not the lack of life, you are not just the part of life. You are not your thoughts, you are definitely not powerless.

You are not your excuses, you are not your reasons, you are not everything that is wrong, you are not the problem. You are not a product of your environment, you are not any of those things.

So what are you? Well I can only say how i see you with just 28 years of life lived. And its not for me to say what you are or what you are not, but if you are still reading this you maybe a little interested in my thoughts and my simple advice and personal truth from what I have learned of you and the nature of you.

To me, you are everything you need, your are choice, you are abundant and you are unlimited. You see when we go back to what you are, before programming of society, our environment we are just consciousness. We are peace. When I think you and here is the woo woo laa laa part you are love. Everything i stated what you are not, is simply an illusion you and we have have brought into. I have been told to be many things, things that I agreed to follow, but thats not what I am or who I am, and its not who you are.

I think you are peace, but we have learnt to direct our awareness to those things that we think is real, the things we need to buy or buying into what we should be because society says so. Excuse my thoughts here, but you are nt 'meant' to be anything. You are just you, you are beauty, peace, love, happiness, contentment, joy, bliss. The whole idea that you are meant to be a certain way presupposes you are not okay and you need to move to somewhere else to be okay, so you are not meant to be anything other than what is you. Rather being a product of your environment you environment is one you choose to create.

The deeper part of you knows this, it always has, I think you have known this but we got lost along the way, like everyone else. So how do we get found? Well we must awaken to what is already here. There is nowhere to go but here, now, in this moment. But your consciousness and awareness to what you are, you are love and peace, you are perfect. Not the perfect we may have learnt, but the perfection of how beautiful you are already. Take this moment, become this moment, there is nothing else but the perfect moment of you when you realise that all is an illusion or construct of the mind and others, that right here now you have everything you need to enlighten and lighten up illusionary darkness. I maybe be crazy, but if this is crazy, I want to be crazy as I know here, right now I can and am happiness despite everything else. That I am the whole and the part. One cannot exist without being the other. There is no separation between you and me, we are one, and the same. Break everything down and we are energy, energy is just pure potential. Its now time to wake up and see the truth, to lift the illusionary veil scarceness and fear and instead see the kaleidoscope of beautify in you and in everyone else. When you do this others do have permission to do the same, to know they can be them without fear or judgement, that is empowerment, that is waking up and that to me is you. Pure and simple. Is it hard to actualise this way of being? Maybe, maybe not, i know its taken me a while, but to know it is the first step, to know there is no road to this way of thinking, its just to be the road, to be this moment, will you? Take this journey with me, see how amazing you are, how i see you. You are the solution right now in this moment.

With love,