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We can only be kept in the cages we do not see

Joseph Clough

People will only ever not change when they are unaware of a problem in their life. Most people around the world are asleep to their present unhappiness, they think it is normal state to be in. That the chains of anxiety, fears, worries and low self esteem is not only a way of life but a part of their identity. I am here to tell you that isn't and should not be the case. I think aspects of society spread fear and worries of not being good enough. To put it bluntly Glossy Magazines are trash. They bread the thoughts and feelings on inadequacy and beliefs of not being good enough and a lot of the media does the same in trying to sell the endless pursuit of happiness.

I am here to whisper a thought in your ear. To wake up from the illusion of the pursuit of happiness, there is no pursuit needed. Happiness does not come from doing, but instead being. You have everything you need to make changes you wish, and the journey should not be one of external processes but rather an internal process.

The fact that you maybe aware of an issue in your life it means you are waking up to the solution. Rather being caged by thinking that its a way of life, instead you are being conscious that there must be a way achieving your goal and another way of being happy. When you get to that place you are taking responsibility and switching you attention to what you want and that causes your mind to look for the answers within.

Therefore you can only be kept in the cages you cannot see, and now you are seeing the illusionary cage (the problem) and all you have to do now is put your attention firmly on what you want and become it.

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