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UK Training - November. Learn to do what I do

Joseph Clough

Ever wanted to do what I do for a living? Or simply to learn tools to transform your career, health and relationships

Learn the workings of your mind to produce powerful changes

If so, now is the time to learn.

Get trained and certified in NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy and Coaching by myself. To me, there is no better feeling than helping someone make a profound change, to show them how they can break free of issues and live the life they wish to total freedom. I also know that I can deal with any issue that comes my way having got the inner tools and processes to get the resolution quickly and easily.

Next year I plan to be running trainings and seminars in the US, Australia and Europe and it may mean I will not be doing many trainings in the UK in 2013 (More info to follow soon in a future post).

So I have one last date for my NLP practitioner training (incl. Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy and Coaching cerfitication)

The training is 8 days long, and before you come to the training we provide you with the pre-study to get the foundations so when you are on the course it allows us to get straight seeing me do the demos and then breaking into exercises and experience being the change maker and experiences the changes within you too.

I always make sure that the size fo the training is small, that way you have direct access and coaching by myself and Paul (My Dad!) - its becomes less of a 'typical' training and instead a close interactive energy of change. You will learn more about yourself and others than ever before. Its an experience of transformation.

The details (due to the above numbers are very limited!)

What You Will Learn

  • Master your own emotions and run your own mind
  • Gain ‘instant confidence’ and motivation in a wide variety of situations
  • Access your unconscious learning ability at will
  • Use language with elegance and greater precision
  • Easily change unwanted behaviours in yourself and others
  • Remove unnecessary fears and phobias and issues such as anxiety and low self esteem
  • Discover and be your true potential
  • Transform your career, health, finances and relationships

Accreditation by The ABNLP, Time Line Therapy Association, UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners and Joseph Clough Trainings.

NLP Practitioner Trainings left in 2012

Cambridge - 10th - 18th November 2012 (7th day off) Every day starts at 9:15 am and finishes at 5:30 pm

You can enrol today with a deposit of only £300 here

Or pay in full for the early bird price of only £1250 here

Check out what my previous students have said:

“The best thing I've ever done in all my life, thank you for helping me find myself & discover my potential and also my purpose. What a fun way to learn & become complete & share with the world. Thank you!!" Sony J

'Great course, thoroughly engrossing and professionally delivered. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to make big changes in their life' Jane L (HR Manager)

'A personal voyage of discovery. Where you are able to access that place inside you that enables you to find your personal potential. The course enabled me to complete my voyage and gave me the inner strength to continue on to complete my full potential' David M (now full time Hypnotherapist and Coach)

So until then my friend, remember I believe in you and how amazing you are.

With love,