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Taking Time Out To Do More. JC

Joseph Clough

I'm Taking Time Out.

This year has been one of the most productive and successful years of my life.

I had my first book published, my free self help podcasts are getting downloaded 100,000 times a month, and next month we’ll hit a total of 1,000,000 downloads.  My voice in general is being absorbed by far more than I could imagine.

BUT it has come with consequences as achieving goals and hitting my dream outcomes have caused some issues. Some months, like the last two, have meant working everyday, not having much sleep, neglecting my health and even social life pulling 10-15 hour days. I always wondered why people say you can grow in business too quickly, but in recent months I now ‘get it’!.

Emails and messages have meant 80% of my working time is devoted on free work in helping others. So success in your goals can be great, but sacrifices have been made, even my free podcast has been dormant in new episodes due to the demand from people wanting help. It’s been a case of corresponding with individuals and not the world through my work.  I am now at peace (well almost!) that I cannot reply to everyone as it means I stop recording the free audio which will help the masses and my goal is to help as many as possible.

I haven’t told many this, until now, but next week I am going away and I am going away for some time. I’ve put plans in place for my new PA (the wonderful Sarah) to help me with emails etc and some other work. I leave on Friday and my first stop is Thailand, where I will be being peaceful and being me for a time.

During this time I plan to focus on where I am heading, what I plan to do and be in the world on a business and more importantly a personal level.  My attention has not been on me for a quite a while.  I’ve been told by many that I’m on a mission to save the world and to help as many people as possible but I have forgotten to help someone specifically, that person is myself.  People tell me ‘I’m no good to anyone if I do not live for myself and the world around me’.  This is true and I say this to others so now it’s time to do the same for myself.

But, this time will be used to think; develop myself and where I am heading.  In this  time I will record far more free audio and video for you all, as it’s what I love doing and my well being will be in the right place to record them. It will be produced through passion and wanting, rather than ‘need’ to help others.

After this I will be off to Australia for a month to meet those of you there and then I will spend three months in America to do the same. It’s going to be so great to meet you. This quiet time will allow me to reenergize.

So it is time for me to stop. It’s time to realign, to refocus and to develop more help for others by looking after myself first.

With love.