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Taking Small Strides For Overnight Success

Joseph Clough

My mum, then me, Luke and Daniel Taking small strides.We all want to make instant changes right? Maybe to transcend from debt to abundance, from being single to madly in love, from depressed to feeling happiness, from being over weight to a healthy shape.

I would love to say, ‘your wish is my command’

But success rarely happens over night.

The so called over night successes, from business owners who float there company to become multimillionaires over night, or the singer who gets goes on a TV show and gets a record deal in a brief short time. There is a finite process that happens, we may see the above examples transform in a short period of time, but we will not see the steps that lead to that transformation.

Take my two elder brothers for example.

Daniel (eldest brother), on the face of it, you see him being in an extremely high well paid powerful position, helping lead a multimillion pound company at a very young age in what some say a brief period of time (baring in mind like me, he did not go to University and did not do amazingly at college, I ‘think’ he even dropped out the first time around). What we might not see is the dedication and drive that propelled him upwards through the ranks. This guy is passionate about who is and what he does, he has worked beyond the call of duty, immersed himself in learning about leadership and developing himself.  He took decisive small steps on the inside that allowed him to progress out in the real world.

Luke (middle brother), is a magician and a bad ass one at that. He can tell me exactly what he is doing yet still fool me every time by his artistic and charismatic ways. I’ve seen him trick groups of people in the middle of the street (I’ll put a video of him doing it at the end of this post). On the face of it, you see his skill and precision captivating the crowd as if he was a born wizard. But what you do not see is that he’s been doing it for 18 months, but every day I see him practising between clients (he does therapy too), in the evenings, the weekend. In fact I can barely walk pass him without being shown a new trick he is learning.

Then take your writer here, on the surface you may see me being a little successful having had my work listened to over 700,000 times in two years and building up what I see as good reputation in my field at relatively young age at 28 and now being a Hay House Author.  What people will not always see is my huge bookshelf, the hundreds of audio programmes I’ve listened too. Most will not know I pretty much do everything myself in my business, the websites, the audio editing. I learnt how to do the basics of HTML (that was a long time ago when you needed to know code) to set up or modify my sites, I pushed through with dedication in learning, practising and working on my own personal issues such as self consciousness, public speaking phobia, blushing etc. I have put in 12-16 hour days more often than I care to remember. So on the surface we can be wowed but behind the curtains there has been specific consistent steps which allows progression.  And I do not say any of the above to impress or come across as ‘Look at all what I have achieved’. Sure I am damn proud of what I have achieved, I personally do not think that I think about my achievements enough due to wanting to improve on what I have achieved.

I love thinking ‘Bigger Picture’, but we must also remember that success is not always and rarely an overnight process. In fact it’s the small steps that count. The consistent small steps we take, the dedication in learning and growing as person, becoming passionate about life and making your ‘big picture’ goals a daily priority of consistent action with each small stem building momentum toward your desires.

So remember this, you have everything you need to achieve whatever you wish, and it’s the small steps that make the difference in the long time, the small steps become the progression and the success others see. It’s never beyond you, because you my friend are amazing, intelligent and capable. 

With love,


1) Luke performing Magic to a Doorman

2)Luke performing magic to a pretty drunk young man.