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Taking A Stand On You

Joseph Clough

Do not ‘buy’ into people’s/societies/media expectations, allow you inner voice to be louder than outside influences - be strong, be you, you are worth it. But how do we do that?

Usually we are inundated with peoples beliefs, societies beliefs of how we 'should' be, but what I do is write down what are the core values of me, who am I really (infinite/powerful/capable/master of my life etc), who do I want to be - you could say your very own mission statement. In fact I use to have my own mission statement that I had printed out and I stuck it on my bedroom wall of what that wasm I would look at each day, everyday I looked at that at least twice, so I knew that was my focus and that was where my intention laid, that was my guide as to where I was heading or who I was. By having that in the forefront of my mind throughout the day, I refused to allow others 'projections' on how I should live or be.

It all starts with setting out your own desires and realizing that you are powerful and worth it. And also to remember other peoples expectations are simply their own expectations/perceptions/projections on how life should be. The chances are that they were told to be a certain way, and those before them were told to be a certain way. In reality its just an opinion that may of been passed down through the generations.

The really interesting thing is that those who do not buy into reasons as to why they can not achieve or be who they wish make wonderful changes in the world. In fact a lot of breakthroughs were once thought to be unattainable or impossible, but those who dared it could, showed it could be possible.

Take a look at the Martin Luther Kings on the world, they took a stand because it was right and true for themselves despite at a time when societies expectations were a million miles apart, but by standing up, being strong even when our voice shakes, it causes us to actualize the true power of self...and you are powerful and worth it.

With Love,