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Whats your reality? does it support you? Read on..

Joseph Clough

What is reality? Well it’s subjective; it’s what you perceive it to be right?

Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right”

The very beliefs, memories, values you hold ultimately create your reality.

Stay with me...

Our brain takes in 2 million pieces of information per second, but obviously we cannot consciously take in that amount as we’d go a little bit doo lally!

So our wonderful brain, deletes, distorts and generalizes the information we receive externally by how important it is to us consciously.

How does it do that? Well it’s all to do in accordance with our inner thoughts, beliefs, memories and values.

What we perceive to be true is our subjective individual projection on the outer world.

Okay now what does that mean?

Well let’s take the example, if you have belief the world is a bad place. You would perceive that to be true and see and feel everything around you as bad. Someone who beliefs the world is full of opportunities and only sees the positive.

So two individual truths opposing each other. But it’s the same world they see, just through different eyes and thoughts.

Someone who feels ‘not good enough’ would not see possibilities in what they could achieve, maybe relationships to go for, job vacancies to apply – simply settling for second best.... maybe last best! Whereas someone with the belief of being ‘good enough’ and ‘worthy’ sees all they deserve and sets out to achieve it.

But it’s the same world they see, just through different eyes and thoughts causing two completely different views! Which perception or way of seeing the world would create powerful results and happiness in your life? Loving relationships? Wonderful careers? Finances? Fulfilment?

Well it doesn’t take much to realise that seeing things in the positive, having powerful believe systems and congruent feelings toward your future happiness and success would be the way to go.

Okay on another note, we need to be clear in ourselves.... I don’t care how we got limiting beliefs, conflicting values, thoughts and behaviours that do not support us, I really don’t care. Because what good does it do? It just causes us to play the blame game and simply reaffirm reasons and excuses to stay this way. Do you want to be that person? Feeling bitter and resentful? I don’t!

If you do that’s fine, just as long as you know nothing will change until you change.  But if you are that person, I do have a few questions for you.

How much unhappiness do you need to suffer to come to the point of ‘something has to change!’?

How long are you happy to stay unhappy?

Would you want your children/family/friends to have that mindset and beliefs about the world?

Think about it for a while.   So what beliefs, values and thoughts are you holding in your mind which are not supporting you?

Write them down, become conscious of them, take a stand and do whatever it takes to change them guys.

I can help you, I have free products such as my eBook, video’s and audio downloads, Hypnosis CD’s and MP3 downloads seminars and trainings. But you must be the instigator, the decision maker, the go getter, the f’ it attitude of ‘I’m going to live my life the way I want, one that brings joy to me and others!’

It’s all yours to create, perceive and project!

Your friend as always

Joseph Clough