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Living life, and a quote from a friend I spoke to yesterday

Joseph Clough

It’s easy to forget that you are the one in control of your life. We can get caught up with other people’s issues, our environment and other life’s problems that head our way.

But in order to achieve your goals you must be clear on one thing.

You are solely responsible for your life and your goals.

It’s down to no one else but you. We must take responsibility to take hold of our life and refuse nothing less than excellence. That is what you are after all… excellence.

Forget about your past, forget about what you might have done, wanted to do and what you shouldn’t have done. After all your past results have simply equated to your present situation. So when you change your behaviour now, and you change your mind now in the present, you will then begin to set a new motion that will lead to powerful results. Imagine looking back 6 months from now, looking back to this time and seeing all the beauty and success you have created. All your future success starts here. With this motion and powerful emotion of drive and determination you can amaze yourself of all you will achieve. It will be more than you think or ever dreamed of.

It all starts here. It starts now. You are the person to instigate it, maintain it and be it.

I was speaking to a wonderful person just last night who will remain nameless, but she has much wisdom on this. And she said this to me.

“That’s the best thing you can do, fear will only hold you back in any situation, i am going though that same realization in many forms of my life right now. Fearlessness comes from realizing the fear and embracing it, then we are free to move through it”

To me this is so true and we all go through 'stuff' (technical term for lifes situations), and I wonder how you can utilize these wonderful words of wisdom and apply them to your life. Because if everyone did realize and embrace, we together will make big changes in our own life and others lives.

And as I always say, do not be a product of life, allow life to be a product that you choose to create……… think about that for a while :)

Your friend