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Yet another knife crime – lets get a clear picture.

Joseph Clough

Yet another knife crime – lets get a clear picture. Everyday we seem to be hearing more and more news on knife crimes on youths with deaths on the rise.

It really saddens me, as I am sure it does you.

First of all for the victim and their loss of life

Secondly, for their families who loose a child to violence and how they have to try and cope without their child, brother, sister or grandchild.

And thirdly, for the youths responsible for the horrible crime.

Many people would just want to through away the key to those responsible. And I feel if caught with a knife or weapon there should be punished rather than the petty warnings some may receive. However we must also address the cause.

Why do they do it?

There are always reasons and those reasons are varied.

From feeling isolated from the community and joining gangs for ‘family’ and ‘belonging’ to not being able to see a way out or they feel it’s the only thing they do.

Although it may be hard to imagine, imagine looking through their eyes and see, hear and feel the world they live in.

Maybe you see you have no way or options to progress in live.

Maybe you don’t feel cared, appreciated or loved.

No sense of belonging.

Potentially having grown up in poverty and abuse.

Maybe feeling targeted and condemned by society.

If you had a few or all of those things how may you react in life?

By no means does it EVER condone those horrible actions and crimes. However it does make us have a hard look at ourselves. What are WE doing to change and cure the causes of the vicious crimes? Are we in a way turning a blind eye and continuing to isolated and label them as no hopers and the disease of society? Or are we going to take a stand and educate troubled youths.

Give them options and progress, Give them an opportunity and if they do well care appreciate and love them. Help resolve their hurts and negative emotions and beliefs of caused by childhood trauma and neglect. Educate them that there is more they can have out of life.

I think everyone is doing everything they can given the choices and resources they have. Like someone who is depressed, phobic, anxious or addicted; they feel that it’s out of their control – although the answers are always hidden within them.

So you maybe thinking “What are YOU going to do Joseph”

That’s something I have thought about a lot recently. And I am searching and working on opportunities to create change.  What ideas can you think of?

One way is that I am targeting youth charities to come along on a FREE one day seminar where I truly belief I can help them use all their energy to create unlimited possibilities through educating them that there are things they can do.

So if you are interested in coming along, if you’re apart of a charity who wish to make a positive change email me at

I wasn’t a bad child, but I was labelled as not clever or good enough. Many big money makers today who create change in the world were labelled the same like Sir Richard Branson.

I managed to turn my life around at a young age and have big dreams to fulfil and one is teaching others the secret of a fulfilling and abundant life.

What would you do to help? And what stops you? Are only limitations are those that we put on ourselves.

Your Friend

Joseph Clough Celebrity Mind Coach