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Why you do what you do and how to change it

Joseph Clough

Now available on the Complete Life Mastery programme - here This podcast gift is just awesome, I know companies who pay for the value and knowledge within this MP3 coaching gift.

Seriously, its making the unconscious conscious and when applied will not only give you the knowledge as to why you do what you do in career, how to improve your relationships to a whole new level, motivated others and realign your health.

In fact I have been paid a lot of money by big organisations for this, but for a limited time I’ve opened up the doors to give you this for free....why? Because I can and I want you to be the best you, you can be. In fact some therapists and so called ‘Gurus’ in the world dislike me doing these free gifts as they sell them at a high price and I do it for free (and I believe I do it better ;)

We are motivated by unconscious motives, the ones we where instilled with as a child and even as an adult. It’s what I call your values..

Some have high values for money, or security, love and honest...the list endless but they are usually kept beneath the surface out of your awareness consciously.

Are you ready to unearth the structure and motivations of you?

I hope so as once we lift the veil everything can change!

Get it on iTunes here

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With Love,


Two Tips For A Problem Free Life - Podcast Gift

Joseph Clough

Now available on the Complete Life Mastery programme – here How we can make changes by all by yourself – without needing Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy CD’s and MP3 downloads....although I still strongly suggest them as they just work.

Or maybe you have been working with a therapist, hypnotherapist, life coach etc and there is still some of the issue left over.

The most probable reason for the continuing thoughts or why we hold onto issues is because it's been a habit for a long period of time...more often enough anyway.

To be honest if you have made big changes conquering it I believe any remaining symptoms will go over time as your conscious and unconscious mind is developing the new mindsets, feelings and can take some time

But how can we speed the process up? Also maybe this is your first real attempt in making a change in your life..and you want something you can apply today?

Well there are a couple of things that I suggest:

1) Break the thought pattern. As soon as you have that thought, replay that thought/self talk in the silliest voice that it seems funny. For example Mickey Mouse. It sounds silly I know, but when you do this it will start to speed the process up as your mind thinking blushing is a silly process. Then as soon as you do that you say the sentence "I am free of ‘x’, I am ‘positive statements’". So now we are interrupting the pattern/habit with making the negative thoughts 'silly' and then reaffirming a new positive/empowering thought.

2) The other tip I have for you is what I did for myself is retraining your mind to react differently in any situation. It's called visual state rehearsal. It's a process that teaches your subconscious mind a new way of acting and reacting. Ultimately you have been programmed too much by your previous experiences and the negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours have become a habit. The way to reprogram it is to each night before you go to sleep, take 15 minutes to visualise yourself going through all the situations you would normally do but see yourself like watching a movie on yourself being the way you would like too – but with the thoughts of being positive as if you have let go of the problem. This will overtime really make powerful changes, and be sure to feel the feelings you would like to feel and think the powerful thoughts of "I am free of ‘x’ and I am ‘positive statements and empowering beliefs” as this will not only retrain the mind but also get your mind to recall the feelings you feel and thoughts in real life situations.

Get the podcast on iTunes here and absolutely share, ‘like’ and post a comment on Facebook.

With love,

Joseph Clough

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