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Hypnosis – what is it?

Joseph Clough

Hypnosis – what is it? Hypnosis is a profound state in which we have access to the unconscious mind.

But why would you want to have access to your unconscious mind? Why would it be of value?

Well, if you were consciously in control to let go of an issue you would- wouldn’t you? Of course you would, if you could I’m sure you would let go of it in a heartbeat.

But there are some things which may be beyond our control, such as overwhelming negative emotions, limiting beliefs such as ‘I’m not good enough’ or unwanted behaviours which, no matter how hard we try, seem to be unmovable.  That’s because they are being run at the unconscious level.

Why would our own body run things which seem negative, limiting and in some cases are downright stupid?

Well, no matter how horrible an issue is, there is always a positive intent. For example, a phobia is trying to protect someone, but it’s just doing it in an overwhelming way.  Some issues may have been imprinted on us since our childhood, such as beliefs about ourselves. If we go through negative childhood experiences (even negative adult experiences), maybe feeling we weren’t good enough, or if we were continually told that that we were stupid, our unconscious mind may just take those beliefs on as the truth. So although issues or behaviours you have may not be very nice, they will always, always, always have a positive intent. I promise. (Did I stress that enough?) 

However, what if I told you there was a key to unlock your true potential and take back the control of your issues so that you could live the life you wish, being free of limitations?

And not only that, keep the positive intentions but generate new positive beliefs, feelings and behaviours which are in alignment with you consciously.

With that key what would you change?

Well Hypnosis to me seems to be the key, as it bypasses our conscious mind to work directly with our unconscious mind, the area of the brain which runs the issues. However, I think Hypnosis has been overlooked in the sense that we use it to only concentrate on letting go of things (i.e. let go of weight, let go of smoking, let go of phobias) the list is endless. But wait, lets flip that for a moment and think what could we evolve, grow or enhance too - maybe our learning abilities, our hobbies, confidence, even our communication to levels that are beyond excellence.

Utilising hypnosis we are able to change your mind, therefore your results.

Hypnosis has been around for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians had the Temples of Sleep, and the Greeks their Shrines of Healing - both places where patients were given curative suggestion while in an induced sleep.

They all had the common important element, which was creating a "suggestion" that the patient's conscious and subconscious mind, would "accept", thus utilizing the patients "power of belief".  Believing that they were being healed, this alone would put their own mind power to work, healing them.

In the Indian Book of “Law of Manu”  was the ancient Sanskrit Science of the Indian people, which has writings of Hypnosis and the different levels of consciousness graduation "The Sleep - Waking State," "The Dream -Sleep," and the "Ecstasy - Sleep State.   So we’re not dealing with a new science here- we’re dealing with an ancient form of healing which has stood the test of time, and further. To this present day Hypnosis is being used in the medical industry as a form of complimentary medicine. For example, hypnosis can be used as an alternative to anesthetics in the cases of anesthetic allergies or operations where anesthetics are unable to be used.

The wonderful thing about hypnosis is that also, you’re not asleep and you are in control and will not do anything against your will, in fact it may not feel any different from your waking state, yet through my CD’s we can imprint your unconscious mind with empowering suggestions that give you all the strong beliefs, resources and behaviors you need to be the real you.

I am so passionate about hypnosis that I want to help as many people as possible. That’s exactly why I have produced these CDs. I also run seminars and write about hypnosis. It’s truly changed my life- from being an unconfident young boy, to the real me, who has the confidence and competence to grow in all areas of life.

I wonder what you will discover?

Your friend


Celebrity Mind Coach