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supporting the non willing

Joseph Clough

do not get get caught up in other peoples issues, you are the sum of who you surround yourself with. If like me on facebook unsubscribe to people who love/live their issues, you'll be surprised how much energy you keep by not being involved in peoples 'stuff'. I'm all for helping, it's what I do, but when one lives and thrives in their issues and is unwilling to take responsibility for their own well being and happiness I peronally will not 'buy' into their stuff, as I will only reaffirm and support keep them in a place of disempowerment. Sure support people, be kind, love and motivate, but there is a thin line when it comes to supporting and buying into their issues and actually disempowering those around us. Without doubt, in every study you pick up and even begin to mimick those closest to at a unconscious level that actually effects the biology of you. It's all choice naturally, I choose to surround myself with positive people, and I have found the most successful and happiest people do just that. In business entrepreneurs create master mind groups, great leaders of the world bounce ideas with each other. The nature of my job on a 121 level is one of helping those who are in a bad place, but they wish and are determined to change and that is empowering, but those who no matter how much support and can love the trauma of their issue, in psychology it's called secondary gains, where someone will perceive a greater gain from keeping an issue even though in some cases life threatening. As I said I mentioned its choice, when we notice our energy is consumed by someones unwillingness to help themselves despite support, it can be healthy at times to let go and disconnect from them, and to be honest in my opinion that can be family too, your own health and well being cannot be scarificed by someones elses unwillingness to change.