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Some important wisdom from someone realising their power

Joseph Clough

On my facebook page some just posted this, its very empowering and will show you an example of what you can do when you decide to take a stand and realise your potential. "wow I am feeling so much strength from reading your posts today Joseph,the grattitude I am feeling is amazing-the thing I'm taking from this convo is that you are both right-meaning whatever you believe in your mind to be true is in fact true TO YOU- as I have learnt so beautifully with your help Joseph but I can relate to Bahars comments in that 3/4 years ago I could not comprehend that it is MY CHOICE to feel hurt over something or try to simply see it as a lesson.I had to train myself to almost argue with my own mind & remember that for each low I've allowed myself to feel I equally have felt happiness beyond my wildest dreams-simply because it felt so good not to feel bad-it has taken a lot of patience & perseverance to keep correcting my negative thoughts to positive-when you are consumed by those negative feelings & thoughts it is hard to see the positive when you don't FEEL good-but to anyone who is struggling to believe YOU CAN FEEL BETTER-I'm proof you can-last year for 4 mnths I was in hospital for my own safety( due to felling suicidal) I had lost all faith & hope-I could not even hold a conversation or walk down the road to the shop even with someone by my side but yesterday I did the most amazing thing-that I never in a million years believed I could achieve-I stood up in front of around 20 people & did a 5-10 minute talk of my experience of rethink mental health & what I feel they do for a person struggling through the throws of mental health-my anxiety was high-my hands were sweating,legs shaking but I did it & it has empowered me! so keep trying you CAN chance it just takes time to practise believing that.x"

Its now time to realise your power!

With love,


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