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Reclaim Your Destiny - Joseph Clough

Joseph Clough

Hey Hey! This weekend I have just finished my Reclaim Your Destiny Seminar in Cambridge.

We had 25 wonderful people who chose to take time to invest in their personal development. I always find it interesting in why people come to my seminars and trainings.

The most common one is that they have an issue in their life that they want to get a handle on or they feel they need direction and clarity.

Whatever reason people come, it’s beautiful watch people come with a sense of not knowing what to expect with a feeling of anxiety and then leave with a sense of purpose and a deeper knowing of who they are.

This is really my goal for everyone who attends. That there is a deeper sense of being in all of us, that we are unlimited in internal resources to be, do and have what we desire. To me that is the real power, knowing that we are powerful and in control of our life, that we have a choice in what we do and how we react.

I cover so many things in the Reclaim Your Destiny Seminar; it’s designed in such detail and structure that also has a flow depending on the requirements of each delegate.

Here are a few pictures one of my assistants took.

The Reclaim Your Destiny Seminar will be available to buy in a month or so too. But if you want to see me live in person in your city. I would love to meet you, if you wish to start or continue the wonderful journey of empowerment with me click here and let me know where you are based.

Here is what others have said from this weekend:

Hello Joseph, I cannot Thank you enough for sharing your 'happy place' I had no idea quite what to expect but my goodness, I learnt so much, faced a few of my demons and came out the other side in ONE piece as opposed to the fragmented existence I had been enduring. This is the beginning of a long road, but it was certainly a 'Turbo'... start, for which I really am so very grateful to you and your father. The group had such a wonderful togetherness even though we were strangers at the beginning. Take care, Joanna

Hey Joe, I’m Back in Ireland now and wanted to let you know I had a wonderful time over the weekend. Its opened up so much to me and I so so appreciate the chance to experience it at a very timely moment in my life, wonderful course and you two are truly nice wonderful guys thanks Patrick

Joseph, ... what a great weekend ... thank you and Paul for probably the most thorough and heartfelt workshop I have ever attended. It was, for me, the best installation of personal empowerment I have experienced and it was working all the... way home in the car ... Thank you again both of you ...

Third or fourth time I've done the Reclaim Your Destiny weekend. Life-changing as always. Love to everyone who was there: we're all connected now as we fan out into the world, inspired. As for Joe and his lovely-assistant Paul, as someone said on the weekend: 'there are no words to describe...' how much good they do us... xxx

Truly awesome words could not do it justice! Don't want it to end :) Thank you so much Joseph

Absolutely amazing day, you are truly inspirational young man, thank you.

With Love,