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Problem to New Perspectives and Solutions

Joseph Clough

Problem to New Perspective and Solutions Today I want to tell you about how you can just break through any limiting thoughts and belief systems.  So what I’d like you to do right now is just invite into your mind an issue that you may have at the moment.  So just invite that issue into your mind for a moment – nothing big, just an issue that you may be having - and I want you to consider this… because I want you to know, as you think about that, you are more than this problem aren’t you?  Just really think about that.  You are more than this problem.  And if you are more than this problem and you are not just this problem, what else are you that is wonderful in every way?

Just go ahead, maybe you have a pen and paper, or just in your mind right now, just think about everything else you are, which is not your problem.  Maybe you are good at something, maybe your job, maybe a hobby.  Just go ahead and write something down there.  What you are more than your problem.  Maybe you have an ability for something, maybe you are a caring person, write that down.  Maybe you are trustworthy, maybe you are loving, you want good for yourself and others, write those down.

Just fully consider all the things that you are more than your issue, or issues.  Write down your qualities.  What type of wonderful traits do you have?  Your personality, humour maybe?  Maybe you are joyful, maybe you have high values, important, strong values of integrity.  You strive maybe for inner contentment.  Think about the things that you have done for other people perhaps.  Write those down.  Just fully consider those other things that you may not even have considered for a long time or even at all.  Go on the inside and just fully consider those things.  What values do you have?  What belief systems do you have which put you in good stead?  What kind of abilities do you have?  Maybe you have a talent.  Maybe you want to support or you are a supporting person.  Write those down.  Think about the things you are good at.  Maybe you have the ability to learn.  Maybe one of the qualities is that you are listening to this right now because it means you want to better yourself – now that’s an amazing quality.  Maybe the quality to absorb this information now.

Just fully consider those things that are of importance to you which are good in your life.  Now just consider the things that you have.  Maybe you have a roof over your head.  You have the ability to listen to what I am saying, you have your ears.  Write those down.  Just fully consider all the things you are more than that, because you do know you are always more than that.  Maybe you want to write down that you have clothes to wear.  Maybe you have a car.  Maybe you have your legs to be able to get around, your arms maybe.  Write all the things you have which are good in your life.  Maybe you have certain possessions, electricity maybe.  Write down all the things that you have, which are good, because it’s important to know how powerful you are and to have gratitude for the things that you have.  And as you go ahead and continue to write other things down, of all the things that are not your problem, just write those down.  Maybe you have enough money to eat.  Maybe you have a job.  Maybe you have the drive to go and get a job.  Just write down your qualities and the things that you have which make things easier for you.  Maybe you have had wonderful experiences or you have been on holiday or you are going on holiday.  Write those down.

Maybe you have family.  Go ahead and write those down, your friends, a best friend.  Write those down, and as you think about maybe a friend or a best friend if you were to write down what qualities they see in you, because that’s why they are friends with you, just consider what they would write down about your personality, the type of things that you do that make your friend laugh, to feel loved, to feel supported, to feel cared for.  Look through the eyes of your friend and just write down those qualities, just fully consider them.  Now as you write those down just fully consider those things.  Notice the energy in each one of those, how they are all unique, that they all make up you.  But you are even more than that you know, because you are interconnected with everything around you, you are energy.  Write that down that you are energy.  Write down that maybe you are pure.  You are potential.  Because you know you are potential.  Your energy is just potential.  You are full of potentiality.

You have survived to this point right now.  Now that’s a great quality to have, to be a survivor.  Write that down.  And maybe because we are all energy and we are interconnected at that deeper level that means you are everything else, all the good.  You are the world, because you are just energy and beyond that, so you can maybe write it down – I am the world maybe, who knows?  I am the Universe, because that’s just all energy, everything is energy.  Just write down that quality.  Now that’s an amazing quality isn’t it?  Just fully consider that.  Now as you consider that, just notice all those qualities developing more qualities.  All the things that are not your issue.

Now as you consider that go ahead and imagine all those things on that piece of paper with all the things you have come up with and now take that problem and put it in the middle there.  Put that small thing right in the middle of all those other things, all the qualities that you have, all the values you have, all the possessions you have, all the things you are grateful for, all your passions, all your abilities, all your empowering beliefs that you have, all the friends that you have, all your family.

Put that one problem or problems, right in the middle and allow all those other things to surround it and just notice how much more you are compared to that problem.  You are so many more things and as you notice that what I want your unconscious mind to do is allow all those good things that you have in your life, all the qualities and values, all the abilities, all those good strategies that you do in your mind and body to transcend that issue into a solution.  To have a new perspective, to have new learnings, because I want your unconscious mind to realize that you are always more than whatever you think you are and I want you to consciously realize this.

You are always more than any issue that you have.  You are wonderful, you are beauty, you are joy, you are love.  You are wonderful and great.  And whatever you think you are, you are even more than that as well, because just fully consider how much positive you have in your life compared to that issue.  You have many, many positives and the more we focus on those, those problems begin to correct themselves into the solution.  And just be aware of that throughout the day now, how much more you are and how wonderful you are.