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Now what holds you back in being the real you?

Joseph Clough

Now what holds you back in being the real you? Maybe Limiting beliefs, limiting thoughts, limiting behaviors even negative feelings such as fear?

What would it be like if we could simply be free of them - ALL OF THEM!

How would your career, health, happiness, finances and relationships transform?

Probably immensely!

But why don't we take the courage to be our true potential?

Firstly we give into our circumstances as if we can not change them, we buy into our own reasons for not having the life the way we want it. We accept the excuses that we give ourselves to make us feel better.  Or worse we actually buy into other people’s expectations, society’s expectations, the expectations we have been brought up on.

What would happen if Martin Luther King brought into society’s expectation for not having equality between races? What if he thought 'I'm one man, how can I change the world?'

We'd see a different world today wouldn’t we?

How about, Gandhi? Mother Teresa? Nelson Mandela? And anyone who faced issues personally and globally?

Where would be right now if those didn’t take responsibility and say 'Hey this isn’t right', 'I won’t take it anymore', 'I refuse to be dis-empowered', 'I want freedom'

Thankfully they didn’t - they took a stand for what they believed in. They choose to 'take action’; they choose to reclaim their lives. They took ownership for where they are, and where they want to be.

What if you refused to buy into your limiting expectations, the people around us and thier expectations, and society’s expectations to be a certain way?

By taking ownership on all areas of your life, by taking ownership for any issue you have, you then no longer push everything out of your own control. If you own the problem, you can find the solution.

How would you feel if at the end of your life, you look back and think 'Why didn’t I go for that?' 'Why didn’t I go for that person, that job, that opportunities?'

I can guarantee you can look back now at your childhood and think if I knew what I knew now, that obstacle or problem wouldn’t have been such a problem, you would of dealt with it or just changed it. In the future you will do that same; you will see more possibilities than you may now. But it doesn’t have to be that way - you can take a stand, talk hold of your dreams, take action on your goals, and be the real you!!

So you have a choice, to be a product of life and what it throws at you, OR NOW allow life to be a product of what you have created.

Be the creator - will you?

Your friend


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