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My truth, hopefully yours.

Joseph Clough

Just a quick note, a few thoughts. If i could say only a few things this would be it.

I remember when I was sad, unconfident, and not good enough, it took me a long time to know the truth.

So what is the truth.

Well I can only ever tell you my truth, it may sound a little bit 'woo woo laa laa', but it is my truth and all i ask you is to be open, that is all I would ever ask of you.

So here it goes, I know without any doubt or worry that you are here to realise your power. I have no doubt that any obstacles or problems you are going through are ones that allow you to grow and develop to a place of being. Bare with me for a moment.

All self doubt is an illusion, for that matter, as I speak to you, the deeper part of you, I want  you to know that everything is an illusion but one thing. i will get to that soon. You see, we go through 'stuff', for some its absolute horror and trauma, for others its the general things we go through that conflicts us in regard to our wants, needs and our ideals. At the end of the day 'things' happen, life will throw obstacles at us thick and fast, but its not what comes to us that is the issue, its how we respond to them. When life throws us the trauma it can allow you to know who you are. It causes us to dig deep within us, to look within to the deepest part of who we are. It will enable us to go to places that we have never been. Here is the counter intuitive part, I am so happy and grateful to have had my own issues, I am grateful to of blushed chronically, to feel unworthy and not good enough.


Because first of all I would not be who I am or achieved my aspirations or know what is like to truly live. But more importantly beyond all of that and the path I have taken, it has allowed me, to realise this has given me the opportunity to find who I am. It made me look within the inner world of me to understand my outer reality. That all I think of me is a thought I have created. let me say it again…listen to this. That all I think of me is a thought I have created, I have created. I wasn't made be a bit part player, to be a product of my environment. I was here to shine, as are you. I am here to grow, as are you. My thoughts are my creation, no one else's. The way I chose to act, to think or behave was a choice that I can undo. Listen up, hear me. everything is a choice, we chose everything. When I put my attention to the inner world of me I change the outer reality of me and the results I get, let alone those around me. This is an opportunity to give up our excuses and limitations, this is our time to say 'this is my life, I am the creator, the instigator, the  person who makes things happen'. You are not limited, that maybe our greatest fear that we are limited, but it is an illusion, the truth is you are unlimited, you are powerful, you are god damn amazing in fact everyday that when i see you, i think of you (I am talking directly to you here), I know you are beautiful beyond all being. This is our moment, this your moment. This is life. Right now is this the time to be aware of your power , the infinite power of you, Now is the time to decide what you stand for, what you believe in, to believe in yourself, to know that all is well, that there is a deep presence of peace and happiness within you. If you only realise this from my words remember this. We are one, we are love and everything is an illusion as you are love now and forever more.

I love you, so love yourself as I do, as that is what you are.

With love,