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Love What You Do

Joseph Clough

Love what you do. We live once (as far as I know)

But lets say we do for the moment.

They say life is short, but it’s also the longest thing we’ll ever do.

So why not change our attitude to what we do, to love what we do. It also starts in knowing who you are.

You are not small, you are not fearful, you are not unable, in fact you are the contrary to all of those, yet we can find it hard at times to see.

You are bold, you are bigger and brighter than you ever think you are, and absolutely you are capable.

Who Am I To Say That?

Well I was once in a dead end job, hating Monday….Tuesday…Wednesday…perked up on Thursday as I knew it was Friday, Friday I eased off knowing I was living for the weekend.

That’s not the way to live life is it?

So why do we?

We have bought into the rat race, thought its how we should live. But I’m not talking about just our career, I mean health, relationships and especially the relationship with yourself.

So what do you want out of life?

Think about it, dedicate time to it, and allow your mind to wonder to your dreams and aspirations. Then realize you are worthy of them, you should expect nothing less. But it all starts with you; you have to commit to loving who you are and what you do. I cannot make you do it, you must take responsibility – no one else will.

Start with the following:

What do you want out of life? Be gentle, take your time, imagine as if you were free of all restraints.

• Take baby steps. What 3 things can you do a week that with consistency will lead you closer to where you want to be? Take inspired action.

• Focus on what you want. When you do, your unconscious mind looks for new possibilities and ways to getting there. When you focus on what you don’t want, your telling your mind, that’s where your heading and we don’t want that.

Be positive, it might not always be easy, but when you think positive, and feel the feelings of how you want to be as if you had it right now it gets us aligned with where we are heading.

Choose wisely who you surround yourself with, you are the sum of who you do, get away from the pessimistic, the doubters and victim mentality friends, surround yourself with people who allow you to be you, want you to be you and love you for you are. It can be hard, but I do it, and it gets easier. Remember you are worth your desires  ten fold…a million fold.

Its time to love life, as when you do, it will love you.

With love,