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Keys To Success

Joseph Clough

Written Word:

So welcome to the first blog series, which I want to give you free updates every day on self help tips so you can really understand about what I do and how you can improve your life.

Today for the first blog, I want to talk to you about the keys to success. First off all let’s run through them.

Know your outcome

Take action


Behavioural flexibility

Psychology and physiology of excellence

Let’s break it down

So know your outcome. Why is it important to know our outcome?

Well to be honest if you haven’t got an outcome in your mind you will be bumbling through life, stay no man’s land and you never going to really achieve your goals that living that way.

The very first thing you have to do, is know your outcome, but what’s really important, its knowing your outcome in the positive, you do not want to be thinking of thoughts such as “I don’t want to be more in debt, more bad health, more in debt, another bad relationship”.


Because you are putting your energy and thoughts and whole mind into what you don’t want, it doesn’t make sense.

Take my analogy, if you have SATNAV you would never put in on the locations you wouldn't want to go to right to get to your destination?

That would be absurd.

So why think that way when achieving goals. We want to find out our destination. When we know our destination, you don’t have to know all the steps to get there, and the main thing is knowing your outcome in the positive.

When you focus in the positive you are ultimately getting your mind to search for answers. If you keep focusing on where you want to be, your mind is looking for the answers.

So that is really the first step – knowing your outcome (in the positive and exactly how you want it)

The next one is to take action.

Because knowing you know your goal/outcome, you cannot just do ‘wishful thinking’ and hoping it will come out of the blue, you have to take action

So the way I see it, is that you have to take massive action, do whatever it takes to get you where you want to be, make those calls, talk to people, get to the gym or whatever it is you have to take action, take responsibility for your goal, take ownership of your outcome in other words.

But with that take inspired action, I don’t want you to go for your goal and do all the things you do not want to do or actions that makes you feel bad when going toward your goal. When you feel inspired you want to do it, you have passion for it, you feel you really want it and it resonates with your core.

Knowing you know your outcome, you HAVE to take action, massive and inspired action. Look at all the people who have made changes in the world, like Martin Luther King. He had to take action, he had to do it himself, he had to go for it and take responsibility. No one is going to get the goal for you. You have to take responsibility for your goal. In other words, take ownership over your life, ownership over your outcomes. So we know our outcome and taking massive and inspired action.

The we have to have awareness, the reason I say awareness, we have to be aware of the results we are getting. I don’t want you to take massive action and just be getting the same results of not getting your goal. You have to be aware of the results you are getting. If you not getting them yet, that’s okay, you just have to do something else. It means you can learn from it, there’s no such thing as failure, only feedback.  Sometimes I say, the more times we get the ‘no’, or not get our goal, it just means we are that bit closer in getting our goal so the next action we take gets closer to our goal.

So far we have Outcome, Take action, and awareness of the results of the results we get.

Now if we are aware of the results and let’s just say we are not getting our outcome. We need behavioural flexibility; if it’s not working we do something else.

That’s why you are here, your ancestors had to adapt to the environment to survive, so we have to do the same thing. Be flexible in achieving your goal, if it’s not happening or working out with the action you are taking, do something else. It’s the law of requisite variety; the person with the most flexibility controls his or her environment. Come up with a new game plan our battle plan.

The last one is to be able a psychology and physiology of excellence, when you focus on exactly what you want in the positive, when you feel so good about it, you are passionate, and motivated and you feel it on the inside, you have energy in motion. You think and feel your goals, then you are really in sync in who you want to be, when you are in alignment, you are congruent in the actions you take to get to your goal, you feel wholeness in getting the goal, you feel as if you are motivated in that success. So think of your goal in a way that motivates you and get your body, your physiology in the right state.

I suggest think and feel as if you have the goal already, act and feel as if you have it or maybe if you wanted more money you pretend and hallucinate in your mind having got it already, this send the signal that this what you want and this what you deserve.

So know your outcome, take massive and inspired action, be aware of the results you are getting, be flexible in your actions and lastly act with a psychology and physiology of excellence.

To me if you do that every day, I just know the success is all yours in any goal our outcome. You will attract those things you want in your life. You are sending your mind to where it needs to go to find the solutions, when you get into alignment like that, and then your mind will assist and attract those things you desire.

That is the Keys to Success