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Joseph Clough Quotes For Happiness, Wellbeing, Success, Peace and Love

Joseph Clough

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“It's important to keep track of our thoughts, they can run wild, we must cultivate them. Conscious mind = Goal Setter, Unconscious = Goal Getter.“ Joseph Clough

“There’s never been a greater time, need and opportunity to change our minds and life. It's time to be courageous!” Joseph Clough

“You are the youngest you will ever be right now, live for this moment, this is your moment!” Joseph Clough


“Remember we set the bar to success not others, do not buy into other peoples/societies self imposed restrictions - be a game changer.” Joseph Clough


“Do not wait for the Universe/God/Source/Life/inner power (whatever you may call it) to act, it's waiting for you to take action. When you do, 'it' will.” Joseph Clough


“It's not how life impacts you; it's how you make an impact on life. It's a choice of perspective; I'm here to make an impact - are you? ” Joseph Clough


“Just thought I'd send you a quick are perfect, you are worthy, and you are loved.“ Joseph Clough


“Take time out and to sit peacefully, allow your mind to quieten, allow your inner focus to reflect tranquility and your thoughts to be in resonance with your desires.” Joseph Clough


“Saying 'why am I like am/why do I have this issue?' ask inside 'how can I change?' why = reasons/excuses and reaffirms issues, how = new ideas and solutions. You have the answers; we just have to ask the right questions.” Joseph Clough


“Be committed to growing as person, learn, discover the infinite possibilities of you, you are amazing and have much to smile about :)” Joseph Clough


“Living in the now will let go of any issues, as issues are past habits or future illusions. In the now we see the beauty and power of the self where issues have no energy to manifest.” Joseph Clough


“Remember taking responsibility for our mind, body, life, even circumstance is the first step to change.” Joseph Clough


“Our deepest and darkest times can lead us into new adventures and be life changing for the better. If I didn't have mine I'd still be unconfident, a blusher and in industry doing a job I hated” Joseph Clough


“Enlighten the illusionary darkness!” Joseph Clough


“If there's one thing I know, it's that you are capable, worthy and good enough. I believe in you!“ Joseph Clough


“Beauty is where you choose to see it - this goes for perception of self. Photo I took on my travels - sun and moon.” Joseph Clough


“Success is an art cultivated by learning’s and continuous inspired action. There's no such thing as failure in my world.” Joseph Clough


“Be a dreamer, a people believer, builder of confidence, your own visionary, full of gratitude to be alive, giving others permission to do the same.” Joseph Clough


“Whatever you do or say come from a place of love, gratitude and passion. It's the perfect natural formula for success.” Joseph Clough

“The limits to your success is only limited to your imagination. I believe in you.“ Joseph Clough


“My greatest learning is that I am the master of my life, I dictate my circumstance and it starts with taking responsibility.” Joseph Clough


“A peaceful mind. In times of turbulence take a moment, step back, connect with the inner world of you and your inner power.” Joseph Clough


“Past decisions have led us here, our present decisions lead us to where we're going. This moment is more powerful than our past decisions.” Joseph Clough


“Remember anxiety/fear is our signal to switch our focus from what we don't want to what we do want.” Joseph Clough


“Saw this on my travels - lets stick together, be one voice for the greater good.” Joseph Clough


“Have fear/anxiety? A little exercise for you. Notice where you feel it, notice the movement (it will move in a spinning way) and put a colour to it, now slowly reverse the movement (spin it the other way) and put a calming colour to it and you will find the fear/anxiety changes to calmness.” Joseph Clough


“Unconditional love in its purest form is reflected and multiplied back to us when we give it.” Joseph Clough


“Each moment we have a choice on how we think/feel/act. Take a moment, step back & consider the peaceful way.” Joseph Clough


“Each moment is a time to be present, to allow your being to be in the now and bask in your greatness.” Joseph Clough


“In our greatest times of struggle and fear, let our thoughts reflect ones of courage and power, its all within us.” Joseph Clough


“A message from me to are amazing. Make it a priority to feel it, know it, be it.” Joseph Clough


“Your thoughts create your identity/beliefs/values/associations/behaviors. Cultivate your thoughts, be gentle to yourself and be conscious of your thoughts and redirecting them to thoughts of peace and inner harmony.” Joseph Clough


“Make a list of cons and pros, then screw it up and do what you want. So you act from part logic but make a decision by intuition.” Joseph Clough


“I think of life like when I am driving, I occasionally look in the small rear view mirror (the past), always looking out to the big open road in front of me (the future), I am in the driving seat (control/direction) and wherever I am, I am in the now.” Joseph Clough


“I get often emailed why I 'seem' to know a little bit about the spiritual self although being on the young'ish'. Well I am only telling you what you already know, its all there in you already.” Joseph Clough


“Between our thoughts there is a space, put your attention their for a while for inner peace.” Joseph Clough


“Be careful of your words, they are energy that effect others and you. Be conscious of the intent behind what you say outwardly & innerly.” Joseph Clough


“Make today be a day that you are gentle on yourself, one way is being fully present in this moment, to be still, to simply be.” Joseph Clough


“Where you attention goes it expands, make today a day of expanding your focus on what you want.” Joseph Clough


“Do not get caught up in other peoples issues, you are the sum of who you surround yourself with. If like me on facebook unsubscribe to people who love/live their issues, you'll be surprised how much energy you keep by not being involved in peoples 'stuff'.” Joseph Clough


“You do not 'need' education to be a success, some of the most successful and rich had no education. As for me, barely passed school and did not complete college. All you need is passion.” Joseph Clough


“Our greatest issues with people 'can' simply be a reflection of our own traits/issues. Strangely, when you change yourself they change too.” Joseph Clough

“You do not need to be saved, nor do you need a 'Guru', be your own hero. Treat yourself like you are one, it all starts with you.” Joseph Clough


“Light up the illusionary darkness, by doing so you give permission for others to do it too.” Joseph Clough


“…Money you receive is the value of service you give” Joseph Clough


“Today say how much you appreciate someone in your life without expectation of a return, we can easily forget this communication of gratitude.” Joseph Clough

“Have fear/anxiety? Quick tip: You will have an image of it, shrink it and make it black and white, then bring to mind your most powerful experience, make it big and bright and see yourself being awesome saying 'lets go and rock my world'” Joseph Clough


“In times of change, when we cannot change the situation, look within, dig deep and realise you are powerful.” Joseph Clough


“Remember you have to live with yourself, treat yourself like you do a best friend, support, encourage & indulge in how special you are.” Joseph Clough


“Has now been helping people for a decade! Over a third of my life, let there be many more decades to come!” Joseph Clough


“It’s not what you have done, its what you do now. This is your moment, this is your time, become who you are, what are you? Awesomeness.” Joseph Clough


“There is no room for hate in my life, those who hate only direct that energy to themselves, I 'choose' to love and let go.” Joseph Clough


I know you are capable, worthy and full of love, take yourself lightly, Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly” Joseph Clough


“The path to peace is to forgive others, love ourselves, others, learn & move on. Hate/Anger/Resentment only really harms/disempowers you.” Joseph Clough


“My awesomeness holds no bounds, nor does yours, you just have to give yourself permission to let it shine!” Joseph Clough


“Sometimes you have to say no, no to excuses, no to others and to say "I am more, I am worthy of more, I deserve more.” Joseph Clough


“You will always be more powerful and able than you think, so you might as well push beyond your comfort zone that bit more.” Joseph Clough


“Just a quick note to say you are amazing and I believe in you.” Joseph Clough


“Fear/Anxiety dies, when you stop feeding it - food for thought” Joseph Clough


“I always look to bring peoples attention to their magnificence, do that to people in your life, tell them, bring it out & do it for yourself - its always there.” Joseph Clough


“Refuse to live in your drama/stuff, put your attention on what gives you the most joy!” Joseph Clough


“For a long time now I have served others beyond my own needs, these days I focus on my needs. Guess what. That actually allows me to serve you far more. Because I come from a place of 'want' rather 'need'.” Joseph Clough


“Speak your truth, stand up for your truth & your values even when your voice shakes. Be bold, be the change! Thank you for being open to my voice/truth.” Joseph Clough


“Success/Love/Happiness starts from an internal process that leads to the external world. Many focus on getting the outer first, get the inner & the outer will follow.” Joseph Clough


“When you ask yourself 'why can't I do ____' you get reasons why you cannot, learn to ask 'how can I do ____' This will cause you to look for solutions.” Joseph Clough


“Radiate what you want, want more love? radiate it, more money? radiate it. Radiate everything. Radiate Radiate Radiate!” Joseph Clough


“I love everyone I meet thats why I do not care for reasons/excuses. They just hold you back. You get no benefit from them, they are a waste of energy, so give them up and free your mind. May sound harsh, but its true.” Joseph Clough


“If you want something, go for it, expect nothing less, you are worthy, I cannot express that enough, you are amazing, I know it!” Joseph Clough


“Like a hypnosis gift for resolving grief/letting go/moving from on people/things in the right way, whilst acquiring powerful resources? Its been recorded, so let me know if you would like it.” Joseph Clough


“Believing in yourself is more powerful than any obstacle, be courageous, be bold, be you.” Joseph Clough


“Be the Script Writer, Director, Movie Star, Editor and Producer of your life. Each one has an amazing view point to learn from.” Joseph Clough


“Dedicate yourself to happiness and peace and it will dedicate itself to you. New Gift hopefully recorded for you tomorrow!” Joseph Clough


“Affirmation: I love me/you, I forgive me/you, I thank me/you. Free your mind.” Joseph Clough


“Conscious mind is the 'setter', unconscious is the 'getter'. So put your attention on what you want and your unconscious will follow.” Joseph Clough


“Negative thoughts/emotions are formed through habit that becomes unconscious. When they arrive, put your attention on what you want, affirm you are done with them. In time it will break the negative habit.” Joseph Clough


“Sometimes it takes just someone to believe in you. I want you to know, that you are powerful, amazing and that I believe in you. Know it, feel it, be it.” Joseph Clough


“You mind is like a plant, you must feed it, cultivate it and put it in the right place for the perfect growth.” Joseph Clough


“Tried to do too much yesterday to get perfection, I achieved zero. But I'm pleased, because I learnt with reflection comes perfection. Don't rush, just be.” Joseph Clough


“When going for a goal be aware of any downsides of achieving it. Like someone wanting fame it may cause a lack of privacy. If you acknowledge the negatives and be at peace with it, your subconscious won't sabotage your goal.” Joseph Clough


“Your future success is created by today's thoughts. Live your futures success like it has already happened today.” Joseph Clough

“Assume the feeling of having achieved your goal, then act upon it with conviction. Imagination + Action = dreams becoming reality.” Joseph Clough

“When your inner voice says 'I can't it's the best time to do it. It will silence the voice and turn others situations to 'I can'.” Joseph Clough


“Always remember who you are and what you stand for. Do not 'buy' into other peoples/societies expectations.” Joseph Clough


“Anxiety is created by thoughts of what 'may' happen (future) judged by experience (past). Anxiety disappears when living in the now, as there is no future or past thinking, just this wonderful moment.” Joseph Clough


“Take a moment to stop thinking of the future and dwelling in the past. Sit still in this moment you will feel the harmony.” Joseph Clough


“Focus on giving rather than receiving, when you give selflessly you will receive more wealth in every area of life.” Joseph Clough


“When we are unable to change our situation we are challenged to change ourselves.” Joseph Clough


“Pay attention to your internal voice, be kind to yourself. In time it will be an unconscious process, supporting you for inner & outer success.” Joseph Clough


“The lesson, never ever ever give up! Each 'rejection' is feedback, be the creator of your life!” Joseph Clough


“Learning - Never give up on your dreams!” Joseph Clough


“Your comfort zone is the most uncomfortable place to be in long term - push beyond and experience life fully.” Joseph Clough


“Think about this. The happiest people do not have the best of everything, they just really make the best of everything.” Joseph Clough


“Sounds odd, but if you have a problem put your attention to what is not the's where the solution is.” Joseph Clough


“Sometimes you have to let go of things, to let more in” Joseph Clough


“They say 'Beauty is in the eye of the holder' remember you are the holder of beauty and that is what you” Joseph Clough


“Rather being a product of life, allow life to be a product of you! Have a great weekend you wonderful people!” Joseph Clough


“Being thankful is a great way of acquiring more health and happiness. What are you thankful for?” Joseph Clough


“A ship can be safe in it's harbor, but that's not what it was built for. Live beyond your comfort zone.” Joseph Clough


“Although I may not know you, we may of not met in person (yet) I want you to know you are strong, capable, powerful and loved. I am here for you.” Joseph Clough


“Never sacrifice who you are and what you stand for, even when others may disagree.” Joseph Clough


“Past decisions brought you to this point, and the good news is today’s decisions create your future. Be a courageous conscious thinker.” Joseph Clough


“Fear/anxiety is a safety mechanism, when it arises it's your signal to focus on what you want, when we do so, we do away with fear.” Joseph Clough


“Our greatest gift is the ability to give. I am here for you as long as I am here.” Joseph Clough


“Throughout today take a moment, be still and embrace the now, notice the power of you. In time this will become an unconscious habit to remain peaceful.” Joseph Clough


“Become the watcher of your thoughts today, cultivate them, direct them to the way to peace, you are in control of them.” Joseph Clough


“You can only truly have love for others when you love yourself like no other can.” Joseph Clough


“Pruning a tree leads to more health, safety and growth. Sometimes you too have cut out/remove things (even people) from your life to grow and allow more in.” Joseph Clough


“Love/success/happiness is found not externally but internally. Every answer and solution is within you. Just look within.” Joseph Clough


“Have love for self and you will attract love and see love all around you.” Joseph Clough


“Whole Science is a great organization I deeply respect bringing what I do into science as well as meditation, visualization, and the power of positive emotions. Pure good free knowledge.” Joseph Clough



“Whenever you feel we are unable to change your situation you are challenged to change yourself.” Joseph Clough


“Some may tell you to be realistic about your dreams, Good news! I say only you can define what is realistic. Go get them!” Joseph Clough


“Do not 'buy' into people’s/societies/media expectations, allow you inner voice to be louder than outside influences.” Joseph Clough


“When you feel emotions like stress/fear/hurt stop and say 'I am ____' and choose a word like love, strong, peace, power etc.” Joseph Clough


“Success = self belief, know your outcome, take massive/inspired action, adjust actions with results you get, be flexible in behavior, keep going knowing your worth it.” Joseph Clough


always more brilliant and beautiful than realise!” Joseph Clough

“My belief: when all you can see is darkness, remember you are the light to enlighten that illusionary darkness, and whatever you think you are you are always always

"You have an idea of how you're going to do something, and it's your vision..unless you do it, it really doesn't stand a chance" Take action on your goals guys!” Joseph Clough


“The best people I know ask themselves good questions...rather ask why am I like this/why does this happen they ask How can I be different/do this. Remember Why = reasons/excuses. How = New possibilities.” Joseph Clough


“Each day you wake up you are a new you, take a moment to consciously rehearse/decide what your day will be like and act upon it with conviction, then firmly place yourself in the moment and enjoy the flow of you.” Joseph Clough


“Do something special for someone everyday without expectation of something in return - pay it forward.” Joseph Clough


“Your comfort zone is a place where you live uncomfortably held back from your potential. The realization you are mortal in this life can lead you to live a life without comfort zones, or limitations and ironically live as if you were immortal, that you can do anything. Live for the moment and become your dreams.” Joseph Clough.


“When we are unable to change the situation we are to challenged to change ourselves. No matter what event we go through we can still go through it from a place of peace by being present in the now.” Joseph Clough


“Simply know now you are amazing, beautiful, tremendous and the master of your life. Happiness is in this very moment.” Joseph Clough


“Lesson I re-remembered, peace, love, happiness is always present, you just have to put your attention on it” Joseph Clough


“Take each event you go through as a learning, an opportunity to grow. There is no such thing as failure just feedback to adjust, modify and learn.” Joseph Clough.


“Happiness in not achieved by doing/getting/having, it's achieved by being. First step is the realization it's all within you, always has been and always will be.” Joseph Clough


“Whatever you consider yourself as, whatever you think you are, you are always in everyway more wonderful and brilliant than you ever realise!” Joseph Clough


“Successful living is not based on environment or circumstance but based firmly on mindset. Have a great day everyone.” Joseph Clough


“Reminder to have gratitude for everyone in your life and more importantly to love yourself and realise you are love!” Joseph Clough


“Want more love in your life? I have the one and only solution - give more love!” Joseph Clough


“Is love - so are you. Rather be a product of life, allow life to be a product of you” Joseph Clough


“A new week begins! Remember you are amazing - let it be your mantra all week!” Joseph Clough


“What are you grateful for in your life right now? Lets shift a consciousness to the good things in our life and allow it to expand!” Joseph Clough


“I know it may sound artificial but I want you to know that all is well, and that I love you - why? Because you stand up for being you and when you do that no one can take your power away!” Joseph Clough


“Don't just start dreaming when asleep - I start dreaming when I awake!” Joseph Clough


“People who struggle tend to focus on what they do not want - 'don't want debt, bad health, bad relationships' when using a SatNav you would never type in all the destinations you would not want to go to right? You just put your destination in. So train your mind to do the same, focus on your desired outcome, your destination.” Joseph Clough


“If we want to see our past we must look at our current situation. If we want to see our future we must look at our current actions.” Joseph Clough


“One of my greatest learning’s is that my reasons and excuses limited me and actually reaffirmed my problems, when I gave them up and took responsibility for my results and circumstance my life transformed.” Joseph Clough


“Remember excuses and reasons only reaffirm your present situation, give them up and you will free your mind and in turn your unconscious will find your solutions!” Joseph Clough


“Realize this moment could not exist in the same way without your presence and awareness. You bring life to the 'now'. To me that means your pretty amazing and awakening.” Joseph Clough


“Love for self is the greatest gift you can give to self. So be and become love to the deepest part of you and you will overcome all, i promise!” Joseph Clough


“Most people who not achieving their goals is because they are not focusing on what they want, become conscious now, notice the direction of your thoughts, when a negative thought forms be your very internal GPS to re-focus on what you want. In time it will be a natural success strategy using the power of your focus.” Joseph Clough


“The more I learn the more I realise it's not about learning. There is only this moment, no time. Put your attention on this moment. True growth/transformation happens in the space between thoughts, in stillness, you then realise you're perfection.” Joseph Clough


“It is not what life brings to you, it is what you bring to life, be and become fully present in this very moment!” Joseph Clough


“There's nothing for you to become just to realize who you are.” Joseph Clough


“Looking back having had the problem of blushing it caused me to look deeper inside myself, it took me on the path that has transformed me andeven helped others through the work I do. So just remember from great problems (challenges) come great journeys and realizations of how great you can become.” Joseph Clough


“I want you to know that I believe in you, you are the most excellent wonderful person there is, I fully and completely know you can achieve your dreams. It's now up to you to know that you are powerful beyond measure!” Joseph Clough


“‘Cure’ yourself by loving yourself, focus on your desires, live in the moment, have gratitude and light up the illusionary darkness.” Joseph Clough


“…stop for a second and just be in this moment and repeat after me: I am great, everyday I am becoming more whole, joyful and happy. I respect myself and Love myself, I take responsibility for my life and choose to create my life as if I am free of limitations.” Joseph Clough


“Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek & find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Joseph Clough


“Peoples beliefs/perceptions about you are not important, what is important is your beliefs/perceptions about yourself.” Joseph Clough


“Fear of failure must never be a reason not to try something - embrace and do!” Joseph Clough


“Do not look for things outside of yourself to be happy and whole, we must go inside ourselves. When we change the inner world of us, we truely live in the outer would with peace.” Joseph Clough


“Your current safe boundaries were once unknown frontiers, so keep expanding your boundaries and expand your world!” Joseph Clough


“Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt and Hurt are all gifts to experience, don't shy away from them instead embrace and learn from them and they will disappear having served there purpose in your personal growth.” Joseph Clough


“Whats the point of having dreams and aspirations, if you're not going to act upon them? Take massive and inspired action and actualize your dreams!” Joseph Clough